Thursday, July 18, 2019

Islam continues to flourish in 'Hindu' wombs

Payal belongs to Lohana community. 
She was abducted on 29 June 2019 from Thatta in Sindh.
She has since been converted to Islam and 'married' off to a man called Kamran Soomro. 
Pakistan Hindu Council demonstrated at Karachi Press Club on 05 July 2019 demanding that Payal be recovered.
Today she was produced in Sindh High Court, but was allowed neither to meet her parents nor to open her mouth.
Veengas @VeengasJ
Payal Devi was abducted, converted to Islam. Today - she appeared in the Sindh High Court. Her father Manghoomal Lohana spoke to us that court did not allow them to meet Payal, nor did she statement in an open court. Court resumes next hearing till 6th August.
3:42 AM - 18 Jul 2019 
Sindhi Lohanas
Sindh fell under the Muslim rule of Muhammad bin Qasim after defeat of Raja Dahir. Its Hindus were increasingly under pressure to convert to Islam.
It was around this time that Uderolal -- a Sindhi Hindu Lohana also known as Jhulelal, Dariyalal and Jinda Pir -- assumed the mantle of Lohana and Hindu leadership.
Today both Hindus and Muslims visit Uderolal's samadhi.
For two centuries after him, Lohanas lived without fear until again they found themselves being increasingly threatened and persecuted in Sindh due to their Hindu identity.
It was then that they began to migrate mainly towards Kutch and Saurashtra.

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