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How Uttar Pradesh helped ravage Af-Pak

It's not vegetarianism or Yoga, but beef and Islam that India has been exporting to the world. 

India has been the world's top-most exporter of Islam for more than 100 years. I don't think even Saudi Arabia comes anywhere close to India in terms of this export prowess. India was the virtual Hejaz (housing Mecca and Medina), the centre of Islam, of the 20th century.

(India was also the fifth largest exporter of beef in the world in 2017.) 

Here's how Islam -- made in India, Deoband in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh to be precise, and exported to the region that makes up Pakistan and Afghanistan -- created the Taliban which established the most virulently medieval Islamist regime in recent memory (in Afghanistan).

The Made-in-India Islam created the Dar-ul-Uloom Haqqania in Akora Khattak in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which is the alma mater of Taliban. It's founder Maulana Abdul Haq actually studied in Deoband in Saharanpur.

The Made-in-India Islam has been complicit in war, terrorism and ethnocide of epic proportion in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Vegetarianism and Yoga in Pakistan

"K. Shahid, a newspaper editor working in Lahore, adopted vegetarianism few years ago and he describes the ‘slaughter-fest’ on Bakra Eid as one of the many reasons for his ‘conversion’." 

"I have decided that enough is enough.  I am out of the closet now. I am sick of your siri paye, qormas, seekh kabab, gurday kapooray or whatever. It is my choice to willingly forsake such pleasures, so please stop pestering me."

"Vegetarianism, to me, is reflective of simple living; a life devoid of gluttony and indulgence. I felt that I had detached myself from the cruelty carried out against animals for appetitive desires."

"When I tell them that my personal moral compass does not allow me to, they feel it's their duty to reason with me."


"उलझनों और परेशानियों से छुटकारा पाएँ और योग को अपनाएँ " 

("Get rid of stresses and strains; take to Yoga...")

Pakistan Yoga Council conducts special lecture and training session in Lahore.

"Our current challenge is to reconnect with the many sources of our roots and heritage, while forging a new identity that will serve us well into the future."

"Moral of the story, many Pakistanis are regulars, in one form or the other, at practising that wonderful Indian gift to the world: yoga. And most of them are practising Muslims."

Yogi Shamshed Haider of Rawalpindi 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

I am so relieved Seema Chishti is safe after calling Ramayana a "fantasy peddled by a TV serial"

Sitaram Yechury's wife thinks Ramayana is "fantasy" peddled by the TV serial Ramayana

"The fantasy peddled by the TV serial Ramayana is fulfilled by Advani’s Toyota rath yatra in 1990..." 
(The Hate We Give, The Indian Express, 12 Jan. 2019).

(Seema Chishti's 'fantastically' named husband should have even stronger reason to be embarrassed by his origins, this time by the kinky tastes of his parents who named him!)  

I am so relieved and thankful that Seema Chishti said this in India, not Pakistan, and has directed her comment at a non-Muslim tradition, not a Muslim one or at Islam. 

She might have invited Section 295A of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) with up to 10 years imprisonment, or fine, or both -- if she had not been lynched, that is, and would probably have to flee the country (as Asia Bibi has reportedly been intending) after serving her prison sentence, if she had not been lynched inside jail, that is.

Even during lock-up, before even an FIR had been registered against Seema Chishti, there might have been riots and arson; a mob might have attacked the police station baying for her blood (a la the case of a 'Hindu' man accused of blasphemy in Balochistan in May 2017).

(To be fair to Pakistanis, a murderous mob could have laid siege to the police station in India too, as one did in Basirhat in West Bengal in July 2017, demanding that a 'Hindu' teenager accused of 'insulting' Muhammad be handed over to them, but such a capitulation is still less likely in India than it has been in Pakistan -- and a blasphemy-related siege of a police station even less likely at least in a non-Muslim context. Indian Muslims also kill their blasphemers, atheists and apostates, like they killed H. Farook in Tamil Nadu in March 2017, but such reports are still way fewer than in Pakistan.)

Had the Governor of a province of Pakistan spoken in Seema Chishti's defence, he would have been killed  and his killer would have been hero-worshipped as a 'Ghazi' of Islam, immortalized with a special tomb (a la the 'mazar' in Lahore of Ghazi Ilm-ud-Din who was convicted of murdering in 1929 a 'Hindu' publisher accused of 'insulting' Muhammad.)

The lawyer defending Seema Chishti would have had to flee Pakistan for his life.

Even if Seema Chishti had been acquitted by law-courts, Prime Minister Imran Khan would have had to do a 'national address' on TV to warn the lynch mobs to desist from carrying out their murderous intent. 

I am so relieved and grateful that Seema Chishti has not called Angel Jibreel -- created from light with "600 wings, with pearls, rubies and diamonds dripping from each wing," who brought Quran's surahs to Muhammad -- a "fantasy" peddled by Quran, a 'book' that promises believing men 72 virgins in Islamic paradise. 

(The believing women in Islamic paradise would probably be tasked with changing the bedsheets, fixing drinks, stitching clothes, and such other befittingly dignified work.)

I am so grateful Seema Chishti has not called Jinns a "fantasy" peddled by Quran, which describes Jinns as being "created aforetime from the smokeless flame o fire.” 
(Not to mention the typology of Jinns as described by Imam At-Tahawi in Mushkil Al-’Athar: "A type that has wings and they fly through the air; a type that looks like snakes and dogs; and a type that stops for a rest then resumes its journey.”)

I am so glad that Sitaram Yechury's wife has neither termed Isra and Mi'raj a "fantasy" peddled by Hadith - during which a flying horse carried Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem - nor 'splitting of the moon into two' as cited in the Quran

I am delighted that Seema Chishti has refrained from describing Iblees (Shaitan) a "fantasy" peddled by Quran which says "Iblees refused to prostrate before Adam" and was thus deemed satanic by Allah. (Adam, as we all know, was the first man, one of whose ribs was used to create Eve.)

I am also relieved that Seema Chishti has not called the books of Hadith (sexual) "fantasy" for being replete with such material as Muhammad's young bride Aisha reporting that he used to "fondle" her during menses (Sahih al-Bukhari Book 6 Hadith 298) or Abu Sirma describing Muhammad's advice on azl (coitus interruptus) to his soldiers intending to rape captive women (also very interestingly commented upon by Tayyab Sardar, a Pakistani-Punjabi in this YouTube video).

I am thankful that Seema Chishti is safe!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Help me sniff out meat of the most rotten kind!

Cow is not mata (just like Bharat is not mata); it's meat growing on four legs.
We humans are also meat growing on two legs, but we are meat with sensibility who seek 'equality' and 'rights'. All kinds of meat are equal, but some kinds are more equal than others. It's a very fleshy and sinewy philosophy of 'progressivism'.
The 'progress' in 'progressivism' is the Greek or Latin root-word for either 'beef' or 'mutton'. And we all know what 'ism' is; don't we? I mean 'ism' as in Marx-'ism', femin-'ism', egalitarian-'ism', malaprop-'ism', Hindu-'ism', kapil-'ism', etc.
(If you are reading this post, you are engaging in a bit of kapil-'ism'.)
So meat is pretty central to the philosophy of 'progressivism' which fights against the Hindu-Right Wing-Manuvadi-Brahmanical fascism, supremacism, racism, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, chauvinism, misogyny, patriarchy, etc. in order to bring about 'equality' and 'rights' for all kinds of meat found on Earth.
The meat of the matter is that we've got to fight the Hindu-Right Wing-Manuvadi-Brahmanical meat of the most rotten kind in order to establish 'equality' on Earth.
Sometimes we can witness some kinds of meat covered in black robes in order to fight the aforementioned meat of the most rotten kind. It's all part of the game. Handling different kinds of meat is, of course, a subtle and delicate art.
No less subtle and delicate is the art of sniffing out the rotten meat. Sometimes the Hindu-Right Wing-Manuvadi-Brahmanical meat (of the most rotten kind) disguises itself as perfectly mouth-watering and 'progressive' kind of meat (like 'mutton dressed as lamb' sans the Hindu-Right Wing-Manuvadi-Brahmanical misogyny and male chauvinism latent in this English phrase).
The nauseating Hindu-Right Wing-Manuvadi-Brahmanical meat is also known to have the capacity for contaminating, sometimes, the well established and widely regarded meat of the most 'progressive' kind.
I don't feel too comfortable, for instance, with the tweet as well as the article copied below for some reason (even though both seem to originate in quite well-known progressive kinds of meat). Do give it a thorough read for any signs of loathsome meat of the Hindu-Right Wing-Manuvadi-Brahmanical kind.
Jason Hickel
Pondering #NewYearsResolutions in an age of climate breakdown?  Here are three easy ones:
1) Switch your home (and workplace!) to a clean energy provider.
2) Liberate your diet from beef and lamb.
3) Move your money to a fossil-free bank (in the UK: Nationwide, Triodos, Co-Op).
3:14 AM - 31 Dec 2018
Drop beef and save millions of lives, slash emissions: WEF
January 3, 2019,
Switching from beef to alternative proteins could save millions of lives and dramatically slash greenhouse gas emissions, the World Economic Forum said Thursday.
New research conducted by the Oxford Martin School for WEF showed that efforts to replace meat and especially beef could provide huge benefits for human health and the environment.
The organisation, famous for the plush gathering of the world's rich, famous and influential at the luxury Swiss ski resort of Davos each January, said 2.4 percent of global diet-related deaths could be avoided by moving away from beef.
And for wealthier countries, a full five percent of such deaths could be avoided, according to the shool's white paper "Alternative proteins".
"The most positive effects are found in wealthier countries, where beef consumption is high and where there is a particular benefit of consuming more fibre," it found.
The paper did not provide figures on how many people are estimated to die annually from diet-related causes, nor what diseases or conditions were included in that category, but WEF maintained that switching from meat "could prevent millions of unnecessary deaths per year."
It also pointed out that demand for meat is projected to keep growing even as the global population is predicted to swell to 10 billion around the middle of this century.
Not sustainable
"It will be impossible to sustainably satisfy the world's future demand for meat," WEF managing director Dominic Waughray said in the statement.
He stressed that "innovation in products, improvements in how we produce beef, pork and chicken, and an effort on the part of the consumer to embrace a more diverse diet," could make it possible to improve global health, even without giving up meat altogether.
The report analysed 13 sources of protein, including beef, pork and chicken, along with fruits and vegetables such as beans, processed non-animal substitutes like tofu, and novel products including insects.
It found that switching from meat to alternative proteins could have both a negative and a positive effect on nutrient intake, but that overall, increasing consumption of alternatives offered health improvements.
Beans, mycoprotein and peas offered the biggest health boost, with the possibility to reduce mortality rates by up to seven percent, it found.
The white paper also highlighted 2010 data showing that beef production alone accounts for a quarter of all food-related greenhouse gas emissions, stressing that soaring protein demand could put huge pressure on the environment unless alternatives are found.
Livestock farming poses a triple threat to Earth's atmosphere, as animals produce huge amounts of the greenhouse gas methane, coupled with the loss of carbon-absorbing forests that are felled to open grazing areas.
Immense amounts of water are also needed to sustain the livestock.
"The evidence is clear, our food system needs to be transformed for the sake of our planet and the future of humankind," said WEF International head Marco Lambertini in a statement.
"We are the last generation that can do something about this before the system collapses."

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You are not homo economicus

You (and I) are not homo economicus (the economic man/woman).
Homo economicus does not exist, has never existed, and is not likely ever to exist.
If homo economicus does not exist, do 'economy' and 'economics' have any meaning?
Considering that the concept termed 'economy' has been abstracted from another grotesque concept called 'polity', does 'homo politicus' exist?
What is that state of wholeness (i.e. un-abstract-ness) that needs to be named here, to which a human being has always belonged and will continue to belong?
How did we all come to be imprisoned in the twin bubbles of unreality, i.e. the abstract domains of the 'economic' and the 'political'?
How do we get out?
This video features a puppet show in which three students challenge outdated economics by debating with their professor the nature of humankind.
If you prefer a briefer and plainer message (sans the puppet show), listen to Herman Daly in
this video clip. ------------------------------------------ This post contains hyperlinks with the following URLs in their order of occurrence. 1. 2.

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India -- not Pakistan -- is the original cradle of Islam and Islamism, and the original exporter of Islamic terror

India has long been the cradle of Islam and the source of the problem that Pakistan has congenitally been. I'd argue that India has been the most virulently Islamist country in the world since the 19th century, creating such Islamic madrasas as Deobandi and Barelvi, and such Islamic propaganda organizations as Tablighi Jamaat.

Deobandi madrasa nurtured the Taliban and a host of other terrorist organizations that currently exist in India and Pakistan. Barelvi madrasa produced Mumtaz Qadri who killed Punjab Governor Salman Taseer. Tablighi Jamaat has been linked to a number of terrorist massacres in Europe and the US.

India also allowed Pakistan to be spun off itself through an ethnic cleansing of Hindus/Sikhs in West Punjab, North-West Frontier Province (NWFP), Sindh, Balochistan, and several general massacres of Hindus in East Bengal.

In fact, India has been the epicenter of the evil that goes by the name of Islam.

Islam has not only been nurtured but made to thrive in India -- specifically in the northern province of Uttar Pradesh -- through a colonial-imperial system in which the pagans of India (who are labelled 'Hindus') are demonized as sustainers of an 'unequal' society and worshipers of false gods, and so requiring to be set right by the 'noble' effects of Judeo-Christianity and Islam.

This colonial-imperial system is inherently Abrahamic and ethnocidal in its make-up, disapproving the syncretism and diversity of the Indian cultural matrix and valorizing the fraudulent Abrahamic concepts and mythologies.

I hope to publish some pieces in the near future to expand on the points laid out above.

The story of how India -- the supposed Dev-Bhumi for the millions -- encouraged and nurtured a ridiculous and barbarian Arab thinking called Islam has never been told to the Indians!


Someone has got to tell this horror story, which in its entirety would add up to be a big research project. I can only contribute my humble mite in the telling of this shameful story, the shame being India's.

For now you could read the following article written by a Pakistani partisan to get a flavour of this horror story that this 'Dev-Bhumi' of ours has long been.

This Pakistani partisan (whose view that Jinnah was a secularist I don't agree with) tells you that it was Indian National Congress that created "the first real terrorist group of the subcontinent i.e. Majlis-e-Ahrar".

The Short And Sordid History Of Majlis-e-Ahrar-e-Islam – Subcontinent’s First Islamic Extremist Political Party

By Yasser Latif Hamdani, Pak Tea House blog, 15 Nov. 2009

The role of Majlis-e-Ahrar (truly the real grandfather organization of all Islamic Extremist Parties in the subcontinent and also of all anti-Shia and anti-Ahmadi agitation in Pakistan subsequently) is the most significant when it comes to Militant Islam in the subcontinent.

This was a pre-partition body of Nationalist Muslims who had sided with the Congress throughout the independence movement and had been part of satyagraha (this is significant) at the time they believed in secular nationalism and secular India and in 1931 formed itself as a Indian Nationalist Muslim body, separate from the Congress, but always in support of it and in staunch opposition to the Muslim League.

It started its anti-Ahmaddiya movement in 1933 … when it clashed with All India Kashmir Committee – a rival organization fighting against Dogra Rule in Kashmir. Besides Dr. Muhammad “Allama” Iqbal (who was till 1933 or so probably an Ahmadi and whose father and elder brother were staunch Ahmadis), the AIKC consisted of Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud – the second caliph of Jamaat Ahmaddiya… the rivalry of these two organizations turned Majlis-e-Ahrar-e-Islam against the Ahmadis altogether.

(Ironically Bashiruddin Mahmud’s presidency of the said organization turned Dr. Iqbal against Ahmadis as well but that is another story.)

Majlis-e-Ahrar is clearly the oddest Islamic movement in the subcontinent… it was for “secular” and “united India”, was extremely anti-Ahmadi and was also fighting for “Madh-e-Sahaba” (or the honor of Sahaba) against Shias while its president – another significant point- was a Shia Muslim by the name of Maulana Mazhar Ali Azhar.

So it was an Indian Nationalist “Secularist” anti-Ahmadi, anti-Shia, anti-Jinnah Movement led by a Shia Alim!!!! Ironies never cease. I hope my Indian friends are taking note: the Majlis-e-Ahrar was part and parcel of the Quit India Movement launched by the Congress and denounced the Muslim League for not taking part in it. Majlis-e-Ahrar’s greatest propaganda was against Mahomed Ali Jinnah … who they denounced as “Kafir-e-Azam”.

Maulana Mazhar Ali Azhar  wrote the famous couplet: “Ik Kafira kay peechay Islam ko chora, Yeh Quaid-e-Azam hai kay Kafir-e-Azam”

Repeatedly Pakistan was described as “Palidistan”, “Kafiristan” and “Khakistan” by the Majlis-e-Ahrar. In 1946…. it’s candidates were soundly defeated by the Muslim League’s candidates. This is when Maulana Mazhar Ali Azhar said “Madhe Sahaba can be a weapon against the League”- an obvious reference to Jinnah’s own background as a Khoja Shia Mahomedan.

(It is worthwhile to remember that Madhe-Sahaba is very much being used against Pakistan and Sipah-e-Sahaba is a direct result of this line of thinking).

When the Muslim League launched its Direct Action especially in Punjab against the Unionist government, Majlis-e-Ahrar-e-Islam logically remained completely aloof from it (This is also very significant- I’ll come to it later… because Muslim League’s short sighted policy in Punjab also met its come-uppance) .

The creation of Pakistan and partition of India in 1947 came as a complete shock to the Ahrar leadership. They went underground, resurfaced in May 1948, announced that they were disbanding as a political party and would continue as a religious group only. They also declared that in political matters they would take Muslim League’s lead but refused to join it on account of “unIslamic views” of Sir Zafrulla and Mian Iftikharuddin.

In Pind Daddan Khan in 1949, they raised two significant demands: 1. Ahmadis be declared Kafir. 2. No Non-muslims should be allowed to hold positions in the new state’s government (Please note above that till 1947, the same group was advocating a United Secular India and was completely fine with Hindus or any other group ruling India.

In 1949, the same year Sahibzada Faizul Hassan – another crook (who later hobnobbed with Ayub Khan) from the Majlis-e-Ahrar declared that: 1. All women without Purdah- especially Raana Liaqat Ali Khan- were prostitutes. 2. Muslim women were raped in East Punjab because Quaid-e-Azam wanted to be the governor general of Pakistan.

By 1950, Majlis-e-Ahrar-e-Islam began to reinvent itself politically. Their objective was to gain state power…. for this purpose alone they formed Majlis-e-Amal (consisting of religious parties) …. which raised again the demand that 1. Ahmadis be declared Non-Muslim 2. Zafrullah being a Non-Muslim should be thrown out of the government.

By 1953… they gave Khawaja Nazimuddin – the Prime Minister and the leader of the Muslim League- an ultimatum- either accept the demands or face civil disobedience i.e. “Raast-Iqdaam”… the plan for Raast Iqdam was modelled on the “Satyagraha” of the Quit India movement… with individuals offering themselves for arrest and so and so forth.

But what is significant is the name “Raast Iqdam”… Raast Iqdam translates neatly into English as “Direct Action”… Muslim League was getting a taste of its own medicine and in this one stroke, Mullahs were about hijack the Pakistan idea… the same Mullahs who had not only stayed away from the League’s Direct Action but had opposed the Pakistan Movement tooth and nail. Khawaja Nazimuddin – himself a veteran of the League’s Direct Action- knew that civil disobedience in the subcontinent was never peaceful immediately arrested crooks in chief the leaders of the Majlis-e-Amal which led to open rioting in Lahore.

Munir Report is the most significant document in Pakistan’s history. It establishes the roots of Anti-Ahmaddiya movement in the erstwhile anti-Pakistan forces amongst the Muslim clergy who now used the age-old dispute to weaken the new state. It also exposes shameless opportunists like Daultana- a feudal politician with otherwise a largely secular and left-leaning world view (a Punjabi forerunner of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto) and a Punjab Leaguer- who encouraged the Ulema to strengthen his own position and then even had the audacity to suggest that it was happening because of Ahmadis’ attitude and because Pakistan had a vague religious basis for creation which gave too much power to the Mullahs.

The last statement is significant, however. There was nothing vague about what Jinnah said on 11th August or repeatedly about the principle of equal citizenship… but the Muslim League leaders subsequently (including Sir Zafrulla himself) did deliberately create the vague religious basis legally when they passed the Objectives Resolution.

However Pakistan’s Constituent Assembly had also passed a resolution promising equal citizenship without any bar and the right to profess and propagate one’s religion without any fear. And there was nothing vague about Nehru-Liaqat Pact between India and Pakistan, wherein, largely on Pakistan’s suggestion, the same principle was embodied. The Munir Report’s statement that “a party even of the background of Ahrar could bring down a government in the name of religion in Pakistan” … shows how urgent it was for Pakistan to be declared a secular state.

Furthermore, I think the pre-partition politics of civil disobedience of both Congress and the League was totally disastrous… and here one must give Congress the credit of having spawned, funded and encouraged what in my opinion was the first real terrorist group of the subcontinent i.e. Majlis-e-Ahrar.

Given that LeT chief Hafiz Saeed is “intellectually and morally inspired” by Maulana Ataullah Shah Bokhari of the Majlis-e-Ahrar, not just Pakistanis but Indians are paying for the Congress’ encouragement of the Mullahs starting with the Khilafat movement and which continued throughout the 1930s and 1940s.

Khawaja Nazimuddin, who was a profoundly religious man himself, refused the demands saying that the issue of whether Ahmadis are Muslim or not is up to the constituent assembly and two that Zafrulla was appointed by Jinnah himself and there was no way a Muslim Leaguer would remove him.

Pakistan today faces the same old enemy yet again but on a much magnified scale.  Pakistan must make a clear break with the crooks, cranks and madmen who continue to stab it in the back.    This battle is one that has to be fought on an ideological plane much more than on a military front.

Today Pakistan’s very existence is at stake because these crooks, cranks and madmen and their ideologies strike at the root of Jinnah’s Pakistan- a return to which idea can alone save us from our humiliation.

Towards a wipe-out of all cultures that exist in the world

Read this article by Iain Buchanan to get a better idea as to how Judeo-Christianity acts as the most evil ethnocidal force on Earth.

The North Sentinelese Question

By Iain Buchanan, DNA, 07 Dec. 2018

The North Sentinel Island episode has been presented by the Evangelists and those supporting them mainly as another tragic case of missionary martyrdom at the hands of violent non-believers. There have been other such cases – for example, in China, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, and the Cameroons – and all have been presented as the deaths of innocents driven by love and peaceful intent.

But there is another perspective on such events. The martyred were not hapless do-gooders caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were knowing, willful, well-funded, and well-tutored agents of one of the biggest, richest, and most successful global industries to spring out of the Western world – the modern evangelical movement.

The modern evangelical movement has about half a million full-time workers, that sends out around three million short-term workers out every year. It has over 4,000 subsidiary agencies, an elaborate, highly developed, and tightly-integrated global management structure, a close partnership with the West’s most powerful governments, and the backing of the world’s largest corporations; and it has at its disposal at least $400 billion in liquid assets, a fleet of 200 aircraft, and over 300 million computers worldwide.

It has a computer intelligence system that has data-banked information on every community on earth down to the smallest village, and with this information – and all its associated resources – it targets every culture and every cultural sub-group on earth for conversion to evangelical Christianity. Much of its work is camouflaged, and to enable work within non-Western cultures most of its mission workers are now-white.

It is this enormous organization, and not John Allen Chau, that targeted the Sentinel Islands for special attention.

The North Sentinel affair raises a number of vital issues concerning human rights. Perhaps the most important is this: why is the Christian proselytisation of marginal communities still promoted, still possible, still indulged?

There are three answers - one political, one cultural, one religious. Politically, many marginal communities (especially remote tribal communities) live in strategically important areas – border regions, mineral-rich areas, timberlands, militarily significant zones, etc. Historically, Christian missions have been used to neutralize local opposition to imperial penetration.

Culturally, “civilization” abhors the survival of the “pre-civilized”– the nomadic, the pastoral, the Neolithic small tribe, etc. Civilized man is also an imperial man – subsistence alternatives must be co-opted, incorporated, controlled, and at the very least patronized. Part of the problem with complex industrial societies an intolerance of self-sufficient simplicity.

Religiously, the animism of such marginal communities poses a threat to theistic beliefs. This is a particular problem with evangelical Christianity, which has evolved a determined and doctrinaire response to “the other” – whether it be animist, secular, Hindu, Muslim, or Buddhist, “the other” must be converted. It is a tenet of evangelicalism that the Christian must spread the word: modern evangelicals have taken this a step further by creating a vast purpose-built industry for evangelizing each and every “unreached people group” on earth.

The North Sentinel Island residents are a particularly resistant example of such groups. As such, they challenge the certainty and the righteousness of the proselytizers.

There are many other resistant communities, large and small – from the major non-Christian religions to small tribes in the Amazon, the New Guinea uplands, or various Asian borderlands. The evangelical movement identifies over 3,000 cultural groups to be targeted for proselytization. Eventually, most of these will be penetrated and undermined – by a multitude of tactics, both overt and covert.

And they will be transformed for a very simple reason. Because the dominant global imperialism is still white and Christian – and because religious imperialism is always the handmaiden of secular imperialism.

And why the silence from the “Human Rights” industry? Because by and large, it is in cahoots with the proselytisers. Of course, there are local and independent activists fighting injustice in every country, but their voices are not widely broadcast or amplified. The loudest voices are those of the West’s “Human Rights” industry, which is closely embraced by a vast and complex machinery for shaping global and local activism to the West’s secular and religious agenda.

The two largest cogs in this machinery are World Vision and Youth With a Mission: both are deeply entrenched in the highest echelons of US politics (World Vision is effectively a branch of the US State Department, especially under the Democrats, and both groups are close to the Washington power-broking clique known as “The Family”); combined, the two agencies have almost 20,000 full-time workers working in over 170 countries in over 1,000 bases; both are extremely well funded (for years, World Vision’s budget exceeded the routine budget of the United Nations); and both have complex, diverse, and tightly-integrated corporate structures more powerful and more successful than many large global corporations.

Such agencies help define much of the “human rights” agenda through their close political connections, through their own “human rights” subsidiaries (such as World Vision’s International justice mission and Youth With A Mission’s Template Institute and International Reconciliation Coalition), and through a firm integration with the global corporate world.

In the case of the North Sentinel affair, these two agencies are organically linked to the main culprits in the field. The All Nations International ministry (of which John Allen Chau was an agent) was founded by Floyd Mcclung, one-time International Director of Youth with a Mission, and is now run by Mary Ho, who for many years was a World Vision manager in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

And the West has always been reluctant to enquire too deeply into the affairs of organised Christianity — both at home and overseas. Western culture is a deeply, subliminally Christian, and even committed secularists have trouble avoiding Christian parameters in their arguments, and often gloss over the Christian capacity for wrong-doing.

Among other things, this leads to a rather benign view of the behaviour of missionaries overseas — fed partly by ignorance, and partly by a sense that the Christian mission must be equated with civilisation. Such myopia has increased dramatically over the past 40 years, as the secular West has managed to define a global order largely in its own terms, with decisive help from its Christian missionaries. By contrast, of course, the behaviour of non-Christians (even other Abrahamic faiths like Islam) is scrutinised ruthlessly, misunderstood, and demonised.

India owes it to itself to go beyond the purely religious objection to Christian missionising, and examine the global forces which define it. These forces are subverting countries like India in a far more comprehensive and profound way than most people realise.

Most Western leaders (not just George W Bush and Tony Blair) have claimed in the past that they are inspired by their Christian beliefs. Sometimes, as with both Ronald Reagan, George H W Bush and even Trump they quote chapter and verse in support of their policy.

Certainly, deep in Washington, self-professedly Christian pressure groups (like the Fellowship Foundation and the Council for National Policy) have a highly influential membership and a powerful grip on policy. Of course, one can debate whether US strategy is manifestly Christian in inspiration — few Americans would say it is not, although most would probably insist that such strategy is guided primarily by secular concerns.

But there is no doubt at all that US strategy makes deliberate (and somewhat cynical) use of Christian agencies in pursuit of foreign policy — and that the distinction between the religious and the secular is deliberately blurred in the process. There are over 600 US-based evangelical groups, some as big as large corporations. Between them they constitute a vast and highly organised network of global influence, purposefully targeting non-Christians, and connecting and subverting every sector of life in the process.

Most of the major evangelical corporations (like World Vision, Campus Crusade, Youth With A Mission, and Samaritan’s Purse) operate in partnership with the US government in its pursuit of foreign policy goals. World Vision, which is effectively an arm of the State Department, is perhaps the most notable example of this. There is also the benefit of a custom-built legislation, with the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 providing necessary sanction to bring errant nations into line.

This means that evangelisation is an intensely secular pursuit, as well as a religious one. In turn, of course, the secular powers, whether they be departments of state or corporate businesses, find such evangelicals to be very effective partners.

Indeed, most missionaries are not obviously religious. A case in point is the Success Motivation industry. Many of the most popular ‘leadership gurus’ — Zig Ziglar, Paul Meyer, Os Hillman, Richard DeVos, John C. Maxwell, and Ken Blanchard, for example — are not just management experts, they are also evangelical Christians and conscious agents of US-style evangelisation.

Conversely, groups which, on the face of it, are primarily religious, may also serve a powerful secular agenda, such as the collection of intelligence, the grooming of political or commercial elites, or the manipulation of local conflicts.

So pity the poor Sentinelese. Like the Huaorani of Ecuador, or the Yanomami of Brazil, or the Hewa of New Guinea, or the Akha of Thailand or the Pashto of Afghanistan, they are now in the front lines of a war for the last few remnant souls of the unreached – and the “uncivilized.”
The writer is the author of Sang Nila Utama and the Lion of Judah: Dominionism and Christian Zionism in Malaysia (2015) and The Armies of God: A Study in Militant Christianity (2011)

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(A news-report headlined "John Allen Chau: US missionary killed by tribe on North Sentinel Island 'may not have acted alone'", filed by Adam Withnall of Independent, UK, reporting from New Delhi, 29 Nov. 2018.)

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