Monday, September 16, 2019

Haripur Hazara and its Pashtun son who sowed the wind

This is the town -- named after Hari Singh Nalwa (1791-1837) -- where my father was born.
It's in a district (with the same name) where Ayub Khan (1907-1974) -- who brought first military rule upon Pakistan -- hailed from. 
(Ayub Khan's son Gohar Ayub Khan is former foreign minister of Pakistan. Wikipedia describes him also as a "business oligarch" with personal wealth of $15 million.) 
Wikipedia says Ayub Khan belonged to an ethnic Pashtun tribe.
Haripur is also the place where Pashtun nationalists and Members of National Assembly (MNAs) Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar (as well as other members of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement or PTM) have been jailed since May 2019.
PTM's sloganयह जो दहशतगर्दी है, इसके पीछे वर्दी है (Behind terrorism are men in military fatigues).
Dress code issued for schoolgirls in Haripur
(Dawn, 14 September 2019)
HARIPUR: The district education office has made it mandatory for all girl students of government schools in Haripur to wear an abaya, gown or chador, drawing a mixed reaction from locals.
A circular issued earlier this week by Samina Altaf, District Education Officer, asked all principals and headmistresses of government schools to ensure that girl students wore an abaya, gown or chador.
“Instruct all students to use gown/abaya or chador to veil/conceal/cover up their-self in order to protect them from any unethical incident,” the circular said.
Repeated attempts to seek comments from the officer concerned were unsuccessful. However, one of her subordinates confirmed that the circular was genuine.
“It was necessary to protect girl students from a growing number of complaints of eve-teasing and harassment,” she said.
“A good number of girl students have developed a habit of wearing dupatta or ‘half chador’, which is not sufficient to cover their bodies,” the official added. In reply to a question, she said since providing police protection to girl students at every nook and corner was not possible, the administration had decided to make it binding upon them to observe “proper purdah for their safety”.
Commenting on the circular, Umar Farooq, a social activist and office-bearer of Rawadari Tehreek, criticised the decision. “Instead of ensuring the safety of girl students, the authorities have bound them to dress against their will,” he said.
The social activist stressed the need for effecting a gradual change in social attitudes and for educating girls and boys both to respect each other.
But Muhammad Sohail, whose daughter is a class X student, supported the move. “It will certainly help bring down complaints of harassment. The government should have made the decision much earlier,” he observed.
Naveed Khan, father of two school-going daughters, called the initiative laudable.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The stories of Pooja Kumari of Pakistan and Pooja Singh of India

There lived a girl called Pooja Kumari in Pakistan.
There lived a girl called Pooja Singh in India.
They are probably still alive.
14-year-old Pooja Kumari has been converted to Islam [seen in conversion certificate].
The police failed to recover her, and Sindh govt. child marriage act didn’t apply to Hindu girls.
Will the state let parents know as to why police couldn’t recover her?
12:18 AM - 18 Jul 2019
Pooja Kumari, 14, was abducted nearby Hyderabad, in July 2019.
Now - another girl whose name Payal, 15, has been abducted from Tando Mohammad Khan on 30 August, 2019. The police have lodged FIR.
Sindh government: what about your child marriage law?
9:11 AM - 4 Sep 2019
फिर सामने आया लव जिहाद, शादी के बाद धर्मांतरण का दबाव, अदालत की शरण में पीड़िता
(Published in Dainik Jagran, 04 September 2019)
धनबाद (झारखण्ड): सिंदरी निवासी पूजा सिंह ने शहरपुरा सिंदरी के कामरान अहमद खान (पति), अली मोहम्मद खान (ससुर) एवं साजिया इमरान खान (जेठानी) के खिलाफ अदालत में जबरन धर्म परिवर्तन के लिए मारपीट प्रताडि़त करने का आरोप लगाते हुए मुकदमा दायर किया है। पूजा के अधिवक्ता सुबोध कुमार ने बताया कि अदालत ने सुनवाई के लिए बुधवार की तारीख निर्धारित की है।
अदालत में दायर शिकायतवाद के मुताबिक पूजा सिंह ने आरोप लगाया है कि उसने कामरान अहमद खान के साथ 2 जुलाई 13 को शादी की थी। शादी के वक्त शपथ पत्र दायर किया था कि वह हिंदू रीति रिवाज को ही मानेगी और उसपर धर्मांतरण के लिए दबाव नहीं बनाया जाएगा। 
उसके पति कामरान दिल्ली चले गए और वह सिंदरी में रहने लगी। शादी के डेढ़ माह बाद उसके ससुर अली अहमद खान उसे ताना देने लगे कि तुम मुसलमान हो। इसका पालन करो। वहीं साजिया इमरान खान ने उससे कहा कि नौटंकी बंद करो। 
पूजा ने आरोप लगाया कि 20 जून 17 को जब वह पूजा करने गई तो उसके ससुर ने सामान को फेंक दिया था और कहा कि ड्रामा बंद करो। मुस्लिम की तरह रहो। जब इस बात की भी सूचना उसने अपने पति को दी तो उसके पति ने भी कहा कि जो कहा जा रहा है चुपचाप उसे मानो। बाद में उसके साथ मारपीट की गई और आभूषण छीन कर घर से निकाल दिया गया। 
पीडि़ता ने आरोप लगाया है कि 1 सितंबर 19 की रात्रि 7:00 बजे जब वह अपने मायके में थी, तो उसके पति और ससुर वहां आए और उसे गाली गलौज और मारपीट करने लगे और कहा कि दांपत्य जीवन बिताना है तो मुस्लिम धर्म कबूल करो। पीडि़ता ने इसकी शिकायत थाने में की जहां से उसे कोर्ट जाने को कहा गया।
Nupur J Sharma
‘Live like a Muslim, stop this drama of Hinduism’: Pooja Singh harassed by husband Kamran and in-laws for not converting to Islam
1:50 AM - 5 Sep 2019

There can be nothing more liberal that the Sharia! (part four)

In the 'triple talaq' debate in India, the Muslim propaganda had it that there was actually no such thing as "triple talaq" in Islam.
So, in the Alice-in-the-Wonderland world of Islam, "triple talaq" doesn't exist.
Neither does "halala" -- nor taking of non-Muslim women as 'maal-e-ghaneemat' (spoils of war) for sexual slavery, nor coersive conversion to Islam of non-Muslim women faced with the possibility of relationship with Muslim men, nor veiling of women, nor violent jihad against non-Muslims, etc.
'Triple talaq' is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg that Indians -- living under centuries of Abrahamic Dhimmitude-inspired ignorance -- have been allowed to see.
What lies below the surface is something that is beyond the imaginations of the Indian public.
By the way, here's Nazia Iqbal, the famous Pashto singer from Pakistan, receiving, on request, 'triple talaq' on camera from her Afghan husband Javid Faza.
('Talaq' is given by men and cannot be requested by women. This one seems more like a consensual thing.)
Tribal News Network
Divorce Video:  Pashto popular singer Nazia Iqbal divorced Javid Faza in England. They have moved recently and were very happy. All of sudden this video appeared with divorce where three time divoce were given to Nazia.
6:36 AM - 4 Sep 2019
Behroz Khan
The 3 times call, I divorce you, at once, is disputed in Islam. But In Islam you can keep a captured woman as a servant, Veenza, & have kids with her too, leave alone the sex. But don’t own the children. I am not applying it to these two at all. Let them live it the way they like
5:42 PM - 4 Sep 2019
kashif baloch
جنرل ضیاء نے مسیحی کلرجی کے ہاتھ مظبوط کیے تاکہ وہ اپنی مذہب کی بنیاد پر مسیحیوں کو بیک ورڈ ہی رکھیں۔ جیسے اویسی صاحب اور ذاکر نائک انڈیا میں مسلم اقلیت کو بیک ورڈ رکھنا چاہتے ہیں۔ دونوں جگہ کی کلرجی فیملی لاز کو پرانا رکھ کر اپنا اپنا مقصد حاصل کرنا چاہتی ہیں۔
8:34 AM - 2 Sep 2019
जनरल ज़िया ने मसीही क्लर्जी के हाथ मज़बूत किए ताकि वह अपनी मज़हब की बुनियाद पर मसीहियों को बैकवर्ड रखें - जैसे ओवेसी साहब और ज़ाकिर नाइक इंडिया में मुस्लिम अक़लियत को बैकवर्ड रखना चाहते हैं. दोनों जगह की क्लर्जी फ़ैमिली लॉज़ को पुराना रख कर अपना अपना मक़सद हासिल करना चाहती हैं.
Gen. Zia-ul-Haq kept the Christians backward by strengthening the hands of the Christian clergy in line with the religious base he built -- just like Asaduddin Owaisi and Zakir Naik want to keep the Muslim minority in India backward. In both places, the clerics have an axe to grind in their wish to preserve the old family laws.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Jagjeet Kaur is now Ayesha and has just been taken in a Nikah by Mohammad Hassan Ali

Jagjeet Kaur (19) of Nankana Sahib (Punjab, Pakistan) is now Ayesha. 
She is the daughter of Bhagwan Singh, a Granthi of Gurdwara Tambu Sahib in Nankana Sahib.
She has just married Mohammad Hassan Ali.
Watch her Nikah ceremony by clicking on the hyperlink.
Ravinder Singh Robin ਰਵਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ راویندرسنگھ روبن
Not only the Hindu girls are forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan but SIKH Girls also. A daughter of a Granthi of #GurdwaraTambuSahib in #Nankana Sahib was missing for past 3 days has surfaced on Thursday after marrying a Muslim man & embracing Islam.
1:41 AM - 29 Aug 2019
Sukhwant Singh
ਹੁਣ ਸਿੱਖਾਂ ਦੇ ਠੇਕੇਦਾਰ ਖਾਲਿਸਤਾਨੀ, ਭਾਰਤ ਦੇ ਖਿਲਾਫ ਨਾਰੇਬਾਜੀ ਕਰਨ ਵਾਲੇ ਭਾੜੇ ਦੇ ਟੱਟੂ ਕਿਥੇ ਗਏ ਹੁਣ ਓਨਾ ਦਾ ਯਾਰ ਇਮਰਾਨ ਖਾਨ ਕਿ ਕਰ ਰਿਹਾ। ਹੁਣ ਸਿੱਖ ਕੌਮ ਦੇ ਮਦਦਗਾਰ ਪਾਕਿਸਤਾਨ ਤੇ ਖਾਲਿਸਤਾਨੀ ਦਲਾਲ ਸੋ ਰਹੇ ਨੇ।
2:26 AM - 29 Aug 2019
हुण सिक्खां दे ठेकेदार ख़ालिस्तानी, भारत दे ख़िलाफ़ नारेबाज़ी करन वाले भाड़े दे टट्टू कित्थे गए. हुण उनां दा यार इमरान ख़ान की कर रिहा। हुण सिक्ख क़ौम दे मददगार पाकिस्तान ते ख़ालिस्तानी दलाल सो रहे ने.
So where are those Khalistanis now who own rights over the lives of Sikhs -- those hirelings who hurl abusive slogans at India? 
And what is their patron Imran Khan up to?
Actually allies of the Sikh community, Pakistan and Khalistani mercenaries, are currently taking a nap!
One fine day your dearest 'Geeta' is no more; in her place is 'Fatima' you've never known

Haripur Hazara and its Pashtun son who sowed the wind

This is the town -- named after Hari Singh Nalwa (1791-1837) -- where my father was born. It's in a district (with the same name) wher...