Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Here is why Indian secularism is so shamelessly hypocritical and deceitful

'Religion' and 'secularism' are two sides of the same fraud. Both are fraudulent concepts imposed by the 'West' that have nothing, whatsoever, to do with India's diverse and syncretistic 'cultures'.

Aside from the two importations of Christianity and Islam, India has never had anything that even remotely resembles 'religion'.

What India has always had are syncretistic 'cultures' that admit of diversity of thinking and practice and never obsess about building empires by imposing creeds and making totalitarian and imperialistic claims to being the only way to God, Truth and Salvation.

So India has always had 'cultures', never 'religions'.

What distinguishes 'religion' from 'culture' is 'syncretism' which simply means societies regarding diversity and even contrariety of beliefs and practices as perfectly natural. 

'Syncretism' has always been the very soul of all human cultures, not just in India but across the world. 'Religion', on the other hand, rejects and anathematizes 'syncretism' even while exploiting syncretism' for its own totalitarian ends.

European colonialism mislabelled and mischaracterized 'cultures' as 'religion', thus inventing 'Hinduism,' 'Buddhism', 'Jainism', 'Taoism', 'Shamanism', etc. This happened not just in India, but across the world.  

'Religion' is a fraudulent concept, acting as a kind of smokescreen for totalitarianism, colonialism and imperialism. 'Religion' is alien to all human cultures throughout history and across the world. It's a category that, for all practical purposes, has only three species in the world: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

For more, read my previous post, headlined, 'Religion is Pure Fraud...".

By the way, Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen has written about the obvious fraud that India's so called 'secularism' represents in her blog post of 20 Feb 2014. 

The following is an excerpt from that post, which shows that India's 'secularists' and 'religionists' (i.e. self-described 'Christians' and 'Muslims') are actually bhai-bhai (brothers) behind the ludicrous Tom&Jerry show that they engage in. 

"The government of West Bengal not only banned my book, it forced me to leave the state too. The new government banned the release of my book Nirbasan in 2012 and a few months ago forced a TV channel called Akash Ath to stop telecast of a mega serial written by me. The serial was about women’s struggle and how three sisters living in Kolkata fight against patriarchal oppression to live their lives with dignity and honour. She (Mamata Banerjee) banned me in order to appease some misogynist mullahs...

...Most Indian secularists do not support me. They support writers who are attacked by Hindus, but not the writers who are attacked by Muslims. Salman Rushdie is supported by secularists though, probably because he is not so vocal against Islamic oppression on women the way I am...

...Freedom of expression is like rape in India. Politicians and intellectuals do not defend everyone’s freedom of expression like they do not condemn every rape. If I could get the same support Wendy got, the TV producer could start broadcasting my mega serial despite government’s threats."

Taslima Nasreen's full post can be read on the link to her blog-site pasted below.

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