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Haven’t they baptized you yet?

There is a global gang of criminals who would like every human being in the world to become a Christian like themselves.

The Joshua Project -- formerly called ‘AD2000’ -- is a stunningly audacious Christian mission to systematically target Hindu and other non-Christian people across the world and convert to Christianity as many of them as possible.

Its scale is such that every living human being on the planet is a potential target for conversion to Christianity – though Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists make up three of the six “mega-spheres” of the targeted “unreached peoples”.

Having received support from the US government and headquartered in Colorado Springs (USA), the Joshua Project has compiled a humungous repository of ethnological data – the biggest ever in human history – to support Christian missions in their work to “harvest souls” by converting the “unreached people” to Christianity.

What seems almost beyond belief is the gargantuan criminality involved in collecting ethnological data and anthropological studies of billions of peoples across the world -- by stealing it from public authorities, by using secret surveillance, and by abusing visas of sovereign states.

The continuing development and use of this database over the last 15-20 years is a crime that Christian missionary criminals have been committing openly without the fear of legal consequences -- much like the impunity US enjoys even as it gets people across the world murdered and assassinated at will.

The governments across the world are most likely silent and afraid of the 'consequences' if they take action against these criminals.

This ethnological database includes detailed information about thousands of communities, ethnic groups, castes, sub-castes and tribes in India and the rest of the world.

Few examples of the names of the Indian communities available on the Joshua Project website are Kumhar, Jat-Sarai-Sikh, Baori, Gond, Bania-Jaiswal, Bania-Lingayat, Bhil, Gandia-Odisha, Dholi-Muslim, Bania-Agarwal, Arora, Brahman-Iyer, Khatri, Brahman-Gaur, Nair, Rajput-Kausik, Mahratta, Karikudumbi, Sindhi-Mohana, Meo-Muslim, Vannan, and Rawat.

Visit Joshua Project website -- -- to take a look at this humungous ethnological database.

A search for ‘India’ and ‘Bania, Agarwal’ will throw up the total population of Bania Agarwal people in India, its break-up spread across various states, languages spoken among the community, alternate caste names, ‘progress indicators’ (an estimate of the progress of ‘church planting’ among a social group), Bible Translation Status, ‘Ministry Resources’ (such as Jesus film in Hindi, Ravi Zacharias, Yeshu Samaj), ‘people group video’, ‘Ministry Activity’, and a lot of other data.

Clicking the ‘Get Involved’ button throws up 11 tabs leading to specific resources for missionaries, with descriptions such as “How to start a prayer network for Bania-Agarwal of India” and “Explore how your church can be unleashed among the Bania-Agarwal of India”.

There is also a sample profile of one Narendra Bansal that says that after being converted to Christianity, he “has started a new church to reach his Agarwal people”.
Two ‘prayer points’ that have been listed are: “Pray that he and other Agarwal believers can demonstrate the love and character of Christ to their kinsmen”.
And “Pray that the Holy Spirit will create a hunger in the hearts of prominent Agarwal businessmen.”

The Joshua Project, which began in 1995, received support from the US government, according to an investigative article published in the Feb.2004 issue of Tehelka. The link to that article and some excerpts of it are pasted at the bottom of this mail.

One of the early Christian missionaries in India, who converted Hindus to Christianity, was Francis Xavier (1506-1552); He was co-founder of the Society of Jesus, a male religious order of the Roman Catholic Church (Vatican) whose members are known as ‘Jesuits’ (such as the new Pope).

Xavier declared that Hindus are “devil worshippers”.

In a letter to King John III of Portugal, Francis Xavier requested the foundation of the Goa Inquisition, whose purpose was to use torture against the Hindus, other non-Christians and ‘heretics’ in order to force them to accept or conform to Roman Catholic Christianity.

Some 16,202 persons were brought to trial by the Inquisition (1560-1812). Of this number, 57 were sentenced to death and executed in person; another 64 were burned in effigy, according to Wikipedia.

The Portuguese used Goa Inquisition to forcibly convert Hindus to Christianity and destroy temples. In 1567, about 300 Hindu temples in Bardez (Goa) were destroyed and laws were enacted to prohibit rituals of Hindu marriages, sacred thread wearing and cremation.

Francis Xavier wrote the following to the Society of Jesus at Rome in 1543.

“…Often in a single day I have baptized whole villages. The fruit that is reaped by the baptism of infants, as well as by the instruction of children and others, is quite incredible. These children, I trust heartily, by the grace of God, will be much better than their fathers.
They show an ardent love for the Divine law, and an extraordinary zeal for learning our holy religion and imparting it to others. Their hatred for idolatry is marvellous. They get into feuds with the heathen about it, and whenever their own parents practise it, they reproach them and come off to tell me at once.
Whenever I hear of any act of idolatrous worship, I go to the place with a large band of these children, who very soon load the devil with a greater amount of insult and abuse than he has lately received of honor and worship from their parents, relations, and acquaintances.
The children run at the idols, upset them, dash them down, break them to pieces, spit on them, trample on them, kick them about, and in short heap on them every possible outrage.”

The full text of Francis Xavier’s letter to the Society of Jesus can be read on the link:

For his great services in spreading Christian love and compassion, Francis Xavier was beatified and canonized (made a ‘saint’) by the Roman Catholic Church.

Mumbai’s St. Xavier's College is named after this great follower of Jesus Christ, as are several other educational institutions in India

Francis Xavier is regarded as a patron saint of Christian missionaries in foreign lands and is greatly revered by Christians. His feast day is 3 December.

(The Jesuit order that Xavier founded has lately been in news for spreading a different kind of “love” in the world. Nearly 60 Jesuit priests from the US Northwest alone were reported for child sexual abuse by 700 victims from 2002 to 2011.)

The Vatican website ( has an ‘encyclical’ of Pope Leo XIII on ‘seminaries for native clergy’, dated 1893, which praises Francis Xavier for “converting Hindus from the vile superstitions of Brahmans”.

“Our thoughts turn first of all to the blessed Apostle Thomas who is rightly called the founder of preaching the Gospel to the Hindus. Then, there is Francis Xavier, who long afterwards dedicated himself zealously to the same praiseworthy calling. Through his extraordinary perseverance, he converted hundreds of thousands of Hindus from the myths and vile superstitions of the Brahmans to the true religion. In the footsteps of this holy man followed numerous priests, secular and religious, who with the authority and permission of the Holy See strove untiringly to preserve and promote the Christian mysteries and institutions introduced by Thomas and renewed by Xavier.”

The full ‘encyclical’ can be read on the following link to the Vatican website.

By the way, one may also like to read about the "Lausanne Movement for World Evangelization". Instituted in the year 1974, it's a global collaboration of Christian missionaries whose stated vision is "the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world".

Preparing for the harvest...
Tehelka, 7 Feb 2004, V.K. Shashikumar

Some excerpts from the article relating to the Joshua Project
(a) “The movement, which began as AD2000 & Beyond and later morphed into Joshua Project I and Joshua Project II, was designed to be a sledgehammer-a breathtaking, decade-long steamroller of a campaign that would set the stage for a systematic, sophisticated and self-sustaining "harvest" of the "unreached people groups" in India in the 21st century.

It was just as the operation was taking off that the script changed. Much to the delight of American evangelicals, one of their own, George Bush Jr, became the occupant of the White House.

In a major policy decision taken very early into his presidency, Bush, on January 29, 2001, unveiled a "faith based" social service initiative that included a new White House office to promote government aid to churches and Christian faith-based organisations. This, in effect, threw the massive weight of the federal government behind religious groups and religious conversions.

The Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives was set up in the White House in the first week of February 2002 and a man called Jim Towey was appointed director. (A snap introduction to Towey: he was the legal counsel to Mother Teresa in the late 1980s.)

Though Bush's initiative to fund “salvation and religious conversion” is stalled in the Congress over constitutional and civil rights concerns, he has pushed for its implementation through executive orders.”

(b) “This operation has put in place a system which enables the US government to access any ethnographic information on any location virtually at the click of the mouse. This network in India, established with funding and strategic assistance from US-based TMOs, gives US intelligence agencies virtually real time access to every nook and corner of the country.”

(c) “When AD2000 was conceived for India, the plan was based on a military model with the intent to invade, occupy, control, or subjugate its population. It was based on solid intelligence emanating from the ground and well-researched information on various facets of selected people groups. The idea was to send out spying missions to source micro details on religion and culture. The social and economic divisions in the various Indian communities were closely examined.”

(d) “North India was designated the core target of American evangelists. It was described as the "core of the core of the core" of a worldwide evangelical movement conceived by fundamentalist American missionaries. This movement that took shape over the 1990s, has now taken off because of a unique collaboration between the American government and US-based evangelical mission agencies.”

(e) “The strategy behind the movement was to establish pioneering global partnerships to eventually provide a church within every ‘unreached people group’. Ralph Winter, founder of the US Center for World Mission, characterised the movement as ‘the largest, most pervasive global evangelical network ever to exist.’”

(f) “For Indian evangelical groups, access to American technology meant faster and more secure communication with their patrons. And, of course, the availability of the Bible in local languages.”

(g) “In fact, Pat Robertson, who recently stepped down as the chairman of the Christian Coalition and the owner of the CBN set up a studio in Hyderabad to help Indian evangelicals minister through television programmes. These programmes are broadcast on various networks in India where CBN buys time.

The Joshua Project, started by a splinter group of CBN, was also a large-scale intelligence operation that brought together American strategists, theologists, missionary specialists, demographers, technologists, sociologists, anthropologists and researchers to create the most comprehensive people group profiles in the 10/40 Window.

In fact, the ethno-linguistic profiling of the people groups in India, probably, cannot even be matched by data with the government of India. The logic behind this massive intelligence gathering operation was to "make a priority of establishing as a minimum, a pioneer church-planting movement within every ethno-linguistic people of over 10,000 individuals by December 31, 2000."

The launch of the Joshua Project in the mid-1990s resulted in scores of American research teams arriving in India to lay preliminary roadmaps for the church-planting mission. Everyone came on tourist visas and, on their arrival in India, their respective mission partners took them in.

This partnership with Indian researchers resulted in the production of enormous field data on various people groups in the country. This, in turn, led to the identification of areas and regions where evangelical activities could be carried out in a focused and methodical manner.”

(h) “The constant research and updating of ethnographic data from India should ring alarm bells within the intelligence agencies in India. In fact, the project maintains its "peoples lists" in cooperation with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The Southern Baptists, as will be seen later, have traditionally worked hand-in-glove with the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). India's ethno-cultural data collected by the project is categorised by them as 'Security Level 2' because there is a danger to Indian and foreign missionaries if data relating to their conversion activities is made public.”

(i) “One of the big achievements of the Chennai-based India Missions Association (IMA) was conducting a detailed India-wide PIN code survey. India's postal service is one of the world’s largest and it is important to understand why American mission agencies picked on India's postal system to devise their covert conversion strategy.”

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