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Untouchability practised by Muslim rulers of Kashmir and Imran Khan's Riyasat-e-Medina

Kapil Dev
Over 100 #Hindu #women were denied food by the management of Al-Habib Hotel, Gharo (Thatta) saying "We cannot serve you food because you are Hindus". Such discrimination on the basis of religion will distort our examplery interfaith harmony.
Where are we heading to?
2:52 AM - 18 Aug 2019
Kapil Dev is a human rights activist based in Sindh. Thatta is a city in Sindh.
Dalits still face slavery in Pakistan, says a piece published in The Article.
Some of the recently published reports by Pakistan’s newspaper ‘The Dawn’ offer a glimpse into the lives of Hindus. 
Records available in the public domain suggest that around 80 per cent of Hindus in Pakistan are Hindu-Dalits. Their current population is said to be around two million. 
During the partition, they probably decided to stay back due to financial reasons or due to the Dalit-Muslim unity theory. The unity theory shattered into pieces back in 1950 itself when Pakistan’s first Dalit minister Jogendra Nath Mandal not only resigned from the Government but returned to live in India. After Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s death, no one seems interested in carrying forward his legacy.
Today, the Dalits are the worst victims of discrimination, kidnapping for ransom, rapes, false blasphemy cases and poverty, even more than the upper caste Hindus in Pakistan. The religious minorities face slavery at the hands of feudal landlords in remote areas which journalists hardly access.
Most of this population remains uneducated and immensely improvised. More than 75 per cent of the Hindu-Dalit population in Pakistan remains illiterate. 
Individuals from Jathi, Sochi, Guwaria, Kabutra, Gahra, Rawra, Sansi, Jogi, Balmeke, Bagri, Lohar, Oad, Meghwar, Kolhi, and Bheel groups are referred as scheduled caste (Hindu Dalits). They form the most of the population in Pakistan’s Thar district located in the Sindh province. 
Feudal landlords control these rural areas and poverty; slavery is rampant in the region. As per one estimate, people from the marginalized groups mostly work as agricultural laborers, garment factory workers, or as sweepers in Pakistan. As they are socially excluded and economically marginalized, they do not even have access to primary health care.
High level of intolerance against Dalits

In some parts of Pakistan, the land owned by people from scheduled caste(s) has also been taken over by the Evacuee Trust Property Board and the Enemy Property Board. To make matters worse and to divide Hindus, Pakistan Government has started marking Dalit as a different religion.
The level of religious intolerance is such that dead bodies of Hindu Dalits buried in Muslim graveyard have also been dug out in the past just because they were non-Muslims.
The Valmiki community has traditionally been associated with cleaning/sweeping work. 
In Punjab, the Valmikis are known as 'Churha,' a word that has pejorative connotations.
It's interesting that Article 370 and 35A allowed Kashmiri rulers to deny citizenship rights to the Valmiki people who were brought decades ago from other states to live and work in J&K. These Kashmiri rulers, who are overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim, used Article 370 and 35A to exploit the Valmikis and deny them any opportunity for social mobility and progress.
It's no surprise that the Kashmiri elite and their Pakistani sponsors -- both 'Hindu'-hating Islamic supremacists, are mad at the scrapping of Article 370 and 35A.
Watch this video to have an idea of the maltreatment of Valmikis (knows as 'Churha' in Punjab) in Pakistan. Many of these people of the Valmiki community in Punjab (Pakistan) have long been converted to Christianity, so that the descriptor 'Churha' is now presumed to mean Christian.

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