Wednesday, 10 April 2019

You may get killed for having a 'wing'

In the early 2000s when I was still a newbie at the Press Trust of India (PTI) I asked one of my seniors at the desk if it was OK to describe a political party as 'right wing'. 

I don't think I understood the implications of what I suggested then. I would then watch a lot of 'Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer' on CNN and was probably impressed by the eloquence and the sophisticated crosstalk of the so called 'political' discussions in which people and groups were very cleanly and definitively 'right wing', 'conservative', 'liberal' and 'left wing'.

My senior at the PTI desk regarded the question as if she thought the suggestion inherent in it was outlandish or unwarranted (both of which it was, not to mention productive of prejudice, tendentiousness, and, nowadays, even cultivated hatred). So she told me, very wisely indeed, to stick to the way we'd describe political parties, i.e. sans the 'wings' and any descriptor of that sort.

It may not occur to the younger journalists today that until only 8-10 years ago, Indian media would not describe any person or group as 'right wing' or 'left wing' (except of course the self-described 'left wing' people or parties).

Until I worked at PTI (2000-05), I had never seen a copy where a person or group was described by the journalist writing that copy as 'left wing' or 'right wing' (except self-descriptions). Even the Maoists and Naxalites were described as Maoists and Naxalites, not 'Left-Wing Extremists'.

I think it must have been 2008 or 2009 when I discovered the term 'Left-Wing Extremism' or LWE for the first time and realized that it has been given an official stamp by the central government (most probably by then Home Minister Chidambaram). It's possible LWE existed earlier than that, but I have no idea if it did.

Today, almost every media outlet in India bandies about the descriptors 'right wing' and 'left wing' in line with their destructive agendas as to who (or what) they want to belittle/slander or be seen through their distorted lens.

The 'journalists' working for these media outlets are witting or unwitting foot soldiers of these vicious propaganda wars. Some of the 'journalists' or other commentators -- such as a silly gasbag like Rupa Subramanya -- hardly engage in any communication without branding someone or the other as 'right wing' (mostly) or 'left wing'; they seem to think they sound very 'intellectual' and 'Western' in hurling these labels.

The 'right wing', 'left wing' descriptors have not only ravaged whatever remained of the healthy practice in Indian media of not prejudging people and groups, they have bred a culture of overt demonization, dehumanization and hate mongering, which has been pushing India inexorably towards bloodshed and civil war.

The 'workers' of self-described 'Left Wing' in Kerala, for instance, NEVER kill any human beings; they are not in that line of business.

What they merely do very often is to eliminate 'Hindu Right Wing workers' (often by chopping their bodies into pieces in front of their wives or children). 

Each one of us can 'see' the hate-filled, dehumanizing and genocidal path we have all been put on -- and yet we cannot see. We don't seem to do anything about it. We have somehow been made a part of it.

It's about time people make an effort to see through not just the fraudulence and perniciousness of labels like 'right wing' and 'left wing', but also seek to wise up to the colonial-imperial domain that goes by the name of 'political' and seem increasingly to vitiate and envenom all human relationships.
Times of India journalist Piyush Rai dismisses reportage by Swarajya journalist Swati Goel Sharma as the work of "right wing mouthpiece". The subject is an allegation by a woman student of a Meerut law college alleging "sexual harassment" by her class fellows on account of her being a 'Muslim'. 

Rai describes his own work in contrast as a "journalist's report," (implying that Swati Goel Sharma's work is not even a 'journalist's report'.)

Piyush Rai
Comparing any journalist's report with a right wing mouth piece doesn't make for a good argument guys. People tagging me and my employer in random rants should not waste their time. I will write what I feel is right based on facts and not on what is being peddled on social media.
9:48 AM - 9 Apr 2019

I wrote and posted this piece on the so called 'political spectrum' in April 2015. It's relevant to what I say above. 

The 'political spectrum' is a tool of imperialism in the hands of the West

I regard the whole concept of a 'political spectrum' - book-ended as it is by the 'Left' and the 'Right' - as an open fraud on the peoples of the world. 'Political spectrum' subserves the needs of the Empire that the West is - the need to track, label/mislabel and manage the minds and thinking of people and societies across the world.
On the one hand the Western knowledge system progressively validates the use of its 'political spectrum' across the world, and on the other the Western institutions use it to perversely mislabel and straitjacket the great diversity of thinking found in human societies across the world into narrow and arbitrarily defined categories like 'Left', 'Right', 'Centre', 'progressive', 'conservative', etc.
So 'political spectrum' is a tool -- (a sort of branding iron that is heated and used to brand livestock and was once also used on the bodies of criminals and slaves) -- in the hands of the West to sustain and expand its interventionist and imperialist role in the world.
The West has had the effrontery to wield this tool while presenting itself to the world as made up of 'liberal' States. Could there be anything more illiberal than a system of branding people? How can the world acquiesce in this open fraud?
How can any self-respecting person allow themselves, without resistance, to be labeled and framed within a system of imperial and abusive categories thought up by the agents and apologists of the West? 
The 'political spectrum' has been reproducing across the world the increasingly idiotic and sclerotic political theatre of the West. All countries seem to be moving inexorably towards a suffocating sameness characterized and brought about by the Western categories of Left, Right, Centre, etc.
The full post on 'political spectrum' can be read on this link.

Friday, 5 April 2019

'IL&FS scam' is a misnomer; it is actually 'PPP scam'

“In a shocking revelation of new information, it turns out that the government of India, in 2009, had issued a sovereign guarantee on behalf of Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS), which is at the centre of what is fast turning out to be one the biggest financial scandals in India,” writes Sucheta Dalal in an article published on 01 April 2019 in magazine of which she is the managing editor.

The article is headlined: ‘IL&FS Shocker: Govt Quietly Paying Up on Sovereign Guarantees to ADB and KfW for Failed Group’s $50.4 Million Loan’.
“Sovereign guarantees are only issued for government projects or, occasionally, for public sector companies,” she writes.

Having known Sucheta Dalal for a long time, I am surprised that she found it “shocking” that the government in 2009 (of Manmohan Singh) had been issuing sovereign guarantees to a ‘private company’ like IL&FS.
I am surprised because The Economic Times had been reporting in 2008 about such a sovereign guarantee to a Japanese loan to IL&FS-controlled Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) Development Corporation; take a look at this July 2008 report , for instance.

This 05 Oct 2008 report of the Economic Times said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh "intervened" to get the Finance Ministry to extend sovereign guarantee to a Japanese loan on-lent to DMIC Development Corporation (DMICDC) which was controlled by IL&FS.
Owned 51 per cent by IL&FS and IDFC and 49 per cent by the government, DMICDC was designated a 'private company' under government rules, and was operating from the ministry of industry’s office in Udyog Bhawan!

So sovereign guarantees WERE being extended 10 years ago by Manmohan Singh government and the media WAS talking about it.
How come a senior journalist like Sucheta Dalal missed all of that?

I thought she knew all along that IL&FS was a dubious, crony-capitalist organization that was allowed by the government to monopolize the fraudulent Public-Private Partnership (PPP) sector right from the early 1990s when the very first PPPs, such as Delhi-Noida Toll Road project, were conceived. 
Sucheta Dalal told me as far back as April 2011, in response to my question, that she actually wanted to write on the goings-on involving IL&FS.

I wonder if she did write and publish anything on IL&FS in 2011 or immediately afterwards.
(Since I'd go through Moneylife website quite frequently then, I don't think she published anything probing and IL&FS-specific in 2011 or afterwards.) 

The following is what I wrote to Sucheta Dalal in an email dated 13 April 2011.
"...I was contemplating doing a research-based story on another shockingly dubious phenomenon called 'Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (IL&FS)'.

IL&FS is now the virtual government, central as well as many states', (with zero accountability, of course) when it comes to hatching and awarding PPP projects. This 'private company' operates from ministries, including Udyog Bhawan, and hundreds of SPVs to efficiently siphon off public assets through PPPs.
The IL&FS story is on hold because I am likely to be busy for the next few weeks... 
I wonder if you have the interest and human resources to pursue the story on IL&FS. (As also, of course, a lot more that needs to be written on PPPs, project wise and policy wise.)"
In her reply on the same day, Sucheta Dalal said the following.
“On IL&FS... I am very keen on following it up- in fact did you see my piece on NSDL? We need to find a way to file a PIL on how these guys, including the National Stock Exchange have become a law unto themselves which high self-rewards for management and no accountability.”
In the same mail, she said: "I did spend a lot of time on your blog." 

Since she spent "a lot of time on my blog," she might have seen the article headlined 'Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor: Devious Scheme, Dubious Deals', which I published on 13 March 2011 (the same day my article on Manmohan Singh-Rajat Gupta 'partnership' was posted which she read and liked).
In that article, I wrote about the government, in a “highly dubious move,” issuing sovereign guarantee to a 75 million US dollar loan from Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) to IIFCL for on-lending to DMICDC.

I also wrote: The loan agreement was signed between Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd (IIFCL) and DMICDC in December 2009.
The General Financial Rules (GFR 2005) of the central government clearly say that the “government guarantees shall not be provided to the private sector.”
“It should be out of question to extend sovereign guarantee to a loan that will benefit a private company and yet the government has done it; it’s a dangerous precedent,” a senior Planning Commission official told this writer.
In fact, the government itself let it be known, willy-nilly, in 2007 that there were serious problems in PPP projects -- and in IL&FS' conflict-ridden monopolization of the sector. 

For instance, the Planning Commission commissioned Sheoli Pargal to do a study of Delhi-Noida Toll Road Project , which was published in 2007 on a website run by the Commission.
It's pretty damning study. Pargal says IL&FS awarded the project to itself, there was no cap on project cost, making for open-ended base for profits which were guaranteed, without risks, and massively inflated.  

Pargal’s study shows that privileging IL&FS and making it the main thekedar of the whole PPP racket actually goes back to early 1990s when first PPPs (such as Delhi-Noida Toll Road) were conceived. 
The Planning Commission had commissioned another study on a PPP and published it on its website in 2007. Done by Bharat Salhotra, it was the study of Nhava Sheva Container Terminal project. Salhotra says the concessionaire "extracted inadmissible returns of Rs 524 crore, which translated into annual returns of over 100 per cent on its equity".

I had published an article on IL&FS' dubious role in another PPP -- i.e. Tirupur water supply project – which was based entirely on the investigation by an NGO called Manthan. I had also done another article on Tirupur water supply project for Governance Now magazine.
By the way, Sunil Jain, who then worked for Business Standard, had reported in July 2010 about an "issues paper" (called ‘Sub-prime Highways?’) leaking out of the Planning Commission. 

Jain's detailed reports on that "issues paper" made for quite an alarming reading -- such as the fact that "public-sector banks and other financial institutions have been lending money to the road PPPs far in excess of the approved total project costs (TPC)."
For instance, central government-owned IIFCL was willing to lend Rs 832 crore, which is 324 per cent higher than the TPC of Rs 196 crore in the case of Panaji-Karnataka Border highway stretch.

I not only wrote a series of articles on PPPs, including a 5000-word, fully-referenced critique of the PPP policy and a 3000-word critique of the DMIC, I followed that up by lending my name and journalistic work to a petition to the Delhi High Court in 2011 against the corruption in DMIC (the largest PPP scheme ever conceived in India with full personal involvement of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and one whose IL&FS-controlled SPV, a 'private company', was given sovereign guarantee by Manmohan Singh.)
After Delhi HC dealt only superficially with my petition, I went to the Supreme Court with an SLP which I filed in 2012 through Prashant Bhushan who was not only reluctant but resistant, but he did eventually file it. 

(The Supreme Court, I was told, asked us to go back to Delhi High Court with a review petition. The case ended there, I having been resource-less, helpless.)
Interestingly, a day before Prashant Bhushan was to file my SLP on DMIC, Manmohan Singh cabinet convened specifically to declare that the government will bring the private equity in DMICDC down in order to change the status of this SPV from 'private' to 'public'. 

It goes without saying that sovereign guarantee to the 'private company' (DMICDC) was one of the important points in my petition.
What Sucheta Dalal calls "IL&FS scam" is actually a misnomer, in my opinion. It should be called 'PPP scam'. (Imagine government-backed private goondas demanding money of citizens for the use of public roads/bridges. What gall!) 
I believe PPPs have always been a swindle, planned and pushed by the Congress governments, but something to which BJP governments gave their full approval. 
In fact, all other parties (as well as the mass media) gave their approval, explicit or implicit, to the PPP fraud -- considering that since the early 1990s, when the first PPPs were conceived, there has NEVER been any real accounting or questioning of the PPP policy, which has absolutely no legislative backing. 

I seriously doubt if this policy can pass muster in a Constitutional test.
I have never even seen any fairly comprehensive and critical article of the PPP policy as a whole in the media. 
I have shown above that a senior journalist like Sucheta Dalal also knew all along about the clearly dubious role of the IL&FS in PPP projects, but she wrote nothing to shed light on the wrong-doing involved.

Even activists like Medha Patkar and Prashant Bhushan never ever filed any petition asking for a judicial review of the whole PPP policy. 

I think there has been 'lag-bhag' (to use a Kejriwalism!) complete 'elite consensus' on PPP policy -- and the 'elite' includes 'activists' and the judiciary. 

(Medha Patkar-led National Alliance of People’s Movements or NAPM did make some feeble noises about the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor in 2010-11 and then shtummed up!)

So, it seems both Congress and BJP are on the same page. (Someone like Nitin Gadkari is, after all, the poster boy of PPP road projects.)
By the way, Modi government has taken no action on my complaint against Public Health Foundation of India or PHFI, an entirely unlawful and corrupt entity fraudulently embedded in the government by Manmohan Singh and run by Dynasty-loyalist crook called K. Srinath Reddy -- even after Reddy allowed a huge bank swindle in which Rs 100 crore of public money has been lost.
PHFI is not even PPP, but is an outright fraud in the name of PPP. It continues to run its illegal empire in the government, corrupting/controlling Secretary-level officials. 
It's one case in which I seriously believe that Manmohan Singh should have gone to jail. 
However, last year a defamation notice was sent to me -- a mere anonymous blogger -- which shows that my work really hurt the crooks like Reddy.)

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Dalit-Muslim Ekta Zindabad!!!

Kindly bring this post to the attention of Mamata Banerjee, Jignesh Mevani, Kavita Krishnan, Hartosh Singh Bal, Harsh Mander, Apoorvanand, and Siddharth Varadarajan.
They must know how Hindu-Manuvadi-Brahmanical-Fascist-Patriarchal bastards are striking at the very roots of Pakistan's Islamic-Progressive society by conspiring to root out whatever remains of the Scheduled Caste communities in Pakistan.
And ask Hartosh Singh Bal to do a caste analysis of all the girls of Pakistan converted and married off in the last 10 years -- as a result of the aforementioned conspiracy.




The Sindhi Narrative
List of girls abducted and forcibly converted in Sindh in past 45 days.
29 March 2019
Komal (Tando Allyar) is Scheduled Caste
Lakshmi (Karachi) is Scheduled Caste
Sonia (Karachi) is Scheduled Caste
Sonia Bheel (Hyderabad) is Scheduled Caste
Mala Meghwar (Jam Khan Pitafi) is Scheduled Caste
Gaini Kohli (Badin) is Scheduled Caste
Lacchmi (Tarai Badin) is Scheduled Caste
Gawaari (Tarai Badin) is Scheduled Caste
Champa (Budho Qambrani) is Scheduled Caste
Reena (Ghotki) is Scheduled Caste
Raveena (Ghotki) is Scheduled Caste
Sonia Kumari (Mirpur Khas) is Scheduled Caste
Lachmi Kumari (Salehpat) is Scheduled Caste
Kalim Kumari (Salehpat) is Scheduled Caste
Basheeran Kumari (Salehpat) is Scheduled Caste
Manta Bheel (Shahdadkot) is Scheduled Caste
Naila Inayat नायला इनायत

Kids 'chose' to marry men who have kids! Safdar Khobar and Barkat Malik the men Reena and Raveena Meghwar were wedded to are married. Khobar has 3 children, while Malik has one. #stopforcedconversion
28 Mar 2019
Replying to @nailainayat
اس شادی کا فائدہ اُس مولوی کو بھی ہے جس نے جبری مذہب کو تبدیل کرکے نکاح کرایا تاکہ وہ بھی حلالی سہاگ رات منا سکے ۔اگر ایسا نہیں تو پھر مولویوں کو چاہیے کے ہندو لڑکوں کو بھی مسلمان کرکے اپنی بہن بیٹیاں بیاہ دیں۔اب تک کتنے مولویوں نے یہ کام کیا ہے؟
इस शादी का फ़ायदा उस मौलवी को भी है जिसने जब्री मज़हब को तब्दील कराके निकाह कराया, ताकि वह भी हलाली सुहाग-रात मना सके. अगर ऐसा नहीं तो फिर मौलवियों को चाहिए कि हिन्दू लड़कों को भी मुसलमान करके अपनी बहन-बेटियां ब्याह दें. अब तक कितने मौलवियों ने यह काम किया है?
Such a wedding also benefits the Maulvi who officiated the forced conversion and the Nikah, allowing him to enjoy sex through Halala. Otherwise, Maulavis should also be converting Hindu boys to Islam and getting them to marry their sisters and daughters. How many Maulvis have ever done that?
28 Mar 2019
Mukesh Meghwar
Do u think this girl is 18 years old. Look at this man & look into the eyes of Sonia Bheel. Irony is that there is no any legal safeguard to protect minorities minor girls.
Let's stand for this slogan.
28 Mar 2019
Reham Khan
I am literally in tears of rage. This is legalised #paedophilia.Will the parliamentarians of Pakistan be questioned by the world why this child abuse is being freely practised?
Will any politician try to save these children or are you to busy saving your careers?
28 Mar 2019
Raheel Hakeem
Wtf? There is age and consent!!! Do you think a Hindu boy would ever be allowed to fall in love and marry a Muslim girl? He would be fucking killed.
28 Mar 2019
Saadat Ali Zia
This is absolutely appalling. This is child abuse. And the state needs to get it's act together and prosecute these pedophile monsters.
29 Mar 2019
Paedophilia: Sexual feelings directed towards children.
Child sexual abuse is a form of child abuse in which an adult or older adolescent uses a child for sexual stimulation.
Sunnah means "the way of the prophet". The Sunnah is made up of the words and actions of Muhammad, the founder of Islam. Muslims believe Muhammad's life is a good model for them to follow in their own lives.
Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband says Ayesha was nine and Muhammad was at least 51 when Muhammad consummated his ‘marriage’ with Ayesha. Read Dar-ul-Uloom's fatwa on this subject here.
Jogendra Nath Mandal, Pakistan's first law minister who belonged to a Scheduled Caste community from Bengal, said the following in his resignation letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan.
Leaving aside the question of East Pakistan, let me now refer to West Pakistan, especially Sind. The West Punjab had after partition about a lakh of Scheduled Castes people. It may be noted that a large number of them were converted to Islam. 
Only 4 out of a dozen Scheduled Castes girls abducted by Muslims have yet been recovered in spite of repeated petitions to the Authority. Names of those girls with names of their abductors were supplied to the government. The last reply recently given by the Officer-in-Charge of recovery of abducted girls said that "his function was to recover Hindu girls and 'Achhuts' (Scheduled Castes) were not Hindus".
After anxious and prolonged struggle, I have come to the conclusion that Pakistan is no place for Hindus to live in and that their future is darkened by the ominous shadow of conversion or liquidation. 
The bulk of the upper-class Hindus and politically conscious scheduled castes have left East Bengal. Those Hindus who will continue to stay accursed in Pakistan will, I am afraid, by gradual stages and in a planned manner be either converted to Islam or completely exterminated.

Here’s how Sonia, Manmohan, Modi, Left and others sold out India to Bill Gates and other globalist criminals and are conspiring to enslave 135 crore Indians to a totalitarian world government

By Kapil Bajaj Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust (RGCT), which is chaired by Congress president Sonia Gandhi and has her son Rahul Gandhi as a t...