Sunday, 28 February 2016

Let us not become the West

Use by "educated" Indians of terms/concepts like "Left wing" and "Right wing" reflects the slavishness of their intellects.

Use of labels like "Left wing", "Right wing" in the Indian context should be avoided altogether. (Though, there is little one can do about people describing themselves, if and when they wish to, as Left or Right.)

We are reshaping India in the image of the huge fraud that the Western Empire is when we use their conceptual frauds (or fraudulent concepts).

I deem the whole of political spectrum -- propounded by the West -- (not just "Left wing", "Right wing") as a huge fraud on the great diversity of communities and cultures of the world.

The whole political spectrum is a tool of Western colonialism and imperialism --- a crude and blunt tool indeed to size up and label communities, cultures and people in order to manipulate them.

Nothing could conceivably be more illiberal than labelling of people as "Left wing" and "Right wing".

And the West calls itself "liberal"!

What a joke!

The political spectrum is reproducing and expanding the idiotic "political theatre" of the West across the world. The whole world is becoming the "West", being sucked into the Empire. The whole world is becoming stupid and moribund.

For this reason, I view the ongoing attempts to forge (or strengthen) a "Right" or "Centre Right" in India as steps towards reproduction of the moribund polity of the West.

It's straitjacketing of the intellect.

I go further.

I reject the whole category of "political" as essentially a Western colonial/imperial construct. And with it I also reject "economic" -- another fraudulent concept or conceptual fraud.

"Political" and "economic" are abstractions -- shadows that colonial/imperial power struggles cast on the communities and cultures of the world.

The only real category is "social" ---- a better term would be "community". (Not using the widely known adjective of 'community' here for imaginable reasons.)

What a human "community" thinks and does is "culture". (They can be used interchangeably.)

"Community" or "culture" represents the wholeness of human life -- in all its aspects with nothing excluded.

"Community" or "culture" is not an abstraction ---- unlike "political" and "economic" that have no existence whatsoever except in the minds of the "educated".

While "community" or "culture" represents autonomy of human life --- "political" and "economic" represent heteronomy.

Heteronomy is the exact opposite of autonomy.

"Political" and "economic", the two arms of the Empire, destroy the autonomy of human life --- they undermine communities or cultures across the world --- and supplant it with heteronomy.

That's why the Western Empire is essentially an ethnocidal empire. The 'West' is the cold hand of death itself.

Let's not become the West.

Let's not destroy ourselves.

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