Sunday, 3 May 2015

Judaism is the source and origin of Abrahamic evil

There are Indians who, in resisting the worldwide Abrahamic fraud, seem to make a distinction between Christianity and Islam on the one hand and Judaism on the other.

They seem to believe that whereas violent proselytism of Christianity and Islam makes them an enemy of cultures across the world, Judaism is free of this ethnocidal streak and represents, therefore, the 'good guys'.

I believe this distinction is myopic and fosters a dangerously delusory attitude.

The evil of Abrahamic 'religions' is indeed best manifested in their aggressive mislabeling of people as 'Christians' and 'Muslims', but is rooted deeply in fraudulent concepts like a jealous, monopolizing God, his commissioned men, his 'covenant' with his 'chosen' people, etc.

In their sharing of these fraudulent concepts - which first found expression among the Jews and represent an incredible meanness of spirit - the three Abrahamic cults of Judaism, Christianity and Islam represent quite a composite and coherent force in the world.

I believe there is enough evidence before the world to be able to see that Judaism is the fons et origo of Abrahamic evil.

In other words, Judaism is the progenitor of an ever expanding ethnocidal empire that now exists in the world in its various 'religious' and 'secular' guises.

Supported first by the British and then American imperialists, Zionism and its depredations further underline the point made above.

It's also noteworthy that in modern times it's the American empire, the paramount power of the world, that exercises ultimate control over each of the three pernicious cults of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The whole of Abrahamic fraud is thus embedded in, and is no different from, the Empire.

The Empire needs to be understood clearly - beyond sham categories like 'religious', 'secular', 'political', and 'economic'.

And Indians who see Judaism as representing the 'good guys' need to get out of their dangerous delusion.

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