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Left, Right, Centre: the entire political spectrum is a fraud; Indians must shun it

I view as clearly ill founded the ongoing attempts in India - of which Swarajya magazine ( seems to be one - to develop a 'right' or 'right of the centre' position on the Western template.

That is not only because I believe the whole of Western 'political' spectrum is an imperial and hegemonic way of tracking and labeling people/societies and their thinking within a narrow system that is increasingly a failure, but also because this ideological dashboard in its entirety is so clearly inapplicable and even harmful to non-Western societies.

It's pathetic to see Indian intellectuals, such as Rupa Subramanya, thinking themselves very important for their painstaking mugging and showing off of the concepts and terminology of Western 'political' spectrum and analysis, particularly in their assuming of what they see as the Indian 'right' or 'right of the centre' positions.

I suspect they believe, erroneously, that Western political spectrum not only gives them an unbeatable basis for analyzing the 'political' theatre in India, but also a way of developing their own ideological positions.

In an article linked below, for instance, Rupa Subramanya views, in a copycat American analysis, what she terms as Aam Aadmi Party's "radical leftism" as threatening "markets and free enterprise".

('Why Radical Left AAP should worry us'
The consequences of handing the Aam Aadmi Party a majority are likely to be nothing short of disastrous.
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By Rupa Subramanya, Swarajya magazine, 01 Feb 2015)

Calling the bandwagon of shallow opportunists that AAP is "radical leftist" is as stupid and farcical as some JNU academics, such as Zoya Akhtar, hypocritically portraying Congress and AAP as "progressive" forces pitted against the "Right Wingism" of BJP.

These copycat attempts to develop an Indian 'right' have been blind to the obvious fact that there is hardly any difference between the doings of Congress and BJP; both parties seem to have a secret 'common maximum programme' of outdoing each other in pursuing capitalist-and-American-business-friendly policies whenever and wherever they get to hold office.

So the nascent 'right' seems to have been doing little more than reproducing in India - along with their rivals, the pompous fools who see themselves as making up the 'left' - the tired and stupid Western 'political' theatre, even though I concede that some of the commentary by the 'right' on culture, 'religion', 'secularism', etc., has a lot of accuracy and truth.

We Indians should try to transcend not just the Western ideological dashboard, but the entire categories of 'political' and 'economic' - which, in my view, are fake Western categories in being mere abstractions from the real category of 'society'/'community'/'culture'.

These two fake categories of 'political' and 'economic' provide the West with the matrix to develop, legitimize and impose on the rest of the world its dubious and pernicious theories and 'isms', such as socialism, (neo)liberalism, human rights, and feminism.

NDTV links 'fair skin' with 'caste system'; Rajiv Malhotra responds

Is there a link between some Indians' putative preference for white skin with their 'Hindu-ness'? None and that's a stupid association, says Rajiv Malhotra, the Indian-American writer-researcher on culture and co-author of best-selling book 'Breaking India'.

NDTV seems to have been going to great lengths to insinuate a link between what it sees as Indians' "obsession" with fair complexioned skin on the one hand and the "caste system" and even "racism" on the other.

In a programme telecast on Wednesday, 25th March 2015, Prannoy Roy, NDTV's founder and executive chairperson himself, was at pains to make the viewers believe that we Indians are obsessed with glorifying fairer skin and disparaging darker skin.

The programme employed hidden cameras to sting retailers trying, allegedly, to have a young woman buy fairness creams and even staged a corporate job interview in a restaurant where the interviewer tells a supposedly smart male candidate - much to the outrage of a family sitting at the next table - that his dark complexion disqualified him for a marketing role.

"In the ancient scriptures, epics, or folk tales, the good character is always pictured as being fair in complexion, suggesting that the fair are fair dealing and the dark complexioned has evil intentions. Add to that a history peppered with colonization by lighter-skinned invaders from the west, inequalities introduced by the caste system and 200 years of British rule, and it becomes quite clear why exactly the concept of fairness being superior is embedded deep within the Indian psyche," says a 'dope-sheet' posted on the website of NDTV Media Institute.

The following is a Facebook entry on the same theme that I found on the Web.

"NDTV's What's Your Choice says skin colour discrimination is a social and commercial evil . Prannoy Roy on NDTV join Dark Is Beautiful as we challenge the system and the society to stop skin colour bias." ?#?IndiaFightsBack?

And the link below is of a video clip of another programme telecast recently on NDTV revealing, purportedly, the skin colour prejudice of the Indian film industry.

The association that NDTV makes in such programmes, I believe, could also play well with the Aryan-Dravidian race theory.

Responding to one of my posts on the above topic on an online group that discusses his work, Rajiv Malhotra commented: "Frankly, I find it ridiculous. It's become a way out for guilt-ridden Indians wanting to blame everything on Hinduism."

Malhotra is the Indo-American writer-researcher on culture, founder-director of US-based Infinity Foundation, and author of such path-breaking works on Indian culture as 'Being Different', 'Breaking India', and 'Indra's Net'. 

He said Natyashastra, India's oldest theory of aesthetics, and other aesthetic theories that give criteria for beauty, mentioned things like symmetry, but not fair skin as a quality of beauty.

"Krishna is dark. Shiva is dark. Kali and Durga are dark. Hanuman is dark. This would not be the case if Hinduism was against dark skin. Hindu deities and heroes are dark and fair skinned. Traditional India was not color biased.

On the other hand, Bible is full of hatred for dark skinned 'Sons of Ham' who were cursed. 'Breaking India' explains this.

The Afro-Dalit project is manipulating this to superimpose Black/White racism as Indian caste problem. The Oxford (University's) blockage for (Subramanyam) Swamy/me was under pressure from both Muslims groups and the Black and Ethnic Minorities organization at Oxford. The latter are the Afro-Dalit champions who cant stand the analysis in 'Breaking India'."

(The reference to Oxford is to a recent decision by Oxford University to disinvite Malhotra and BJP leader Subramanyam Swamy in a programme under pressure from some groups.) 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Retired IPS officer turns a Christian propagandist

Could an elderly, superannuated public servant use his considerable reputation and goodwill - earned over a long career - to make an obviously cheap shot of ill-founded Christian propaganda? He could. 

He could because that's the nature of Christianity - the most evil ethnocidal force in human history, whose indoctrination and propaganda system is perhaps best encapsulated in the following bone chilling quote from 'Evangelii Nuntiandi', an 'apostolic exhortation' issued in December 1975 by the Pope on the theme of evangelization. 

"Strata of humanity which are transformed: for the Church it is a question not only of preaching the Gospel in ever wider geographic areas or to ever greater numbers of people, but also of affecting and as it were upsetting, through the power of the Gospel, mankind's criteria of judgment, determining values, points of interest, lines of thought, sources of inspiration and models of life, which are in contrast with the Word of God and the plan of salvation."

Read, if you haven't already, retired IPS officer Julio Rebeiro's cheap shot in The Indian Express of 17 March 2015. The link to that article and the opening paras are pasted at the bottom of this post.

Read below Robert Rosario's response to Rebeiro - which The Indian Express chose not to publish.

A Christian responds to a Christian who felt “he was a stranger in his own country”

By Robert Rosario (a social and political activist, Mangalore) / March 18, 2015

Mr. Julio Ribeiro was one of my few role models whom I held in high esteem. To see him cry the way he did in his letter in the Indian express, was a rude shock and surprise to me. As I began reading the article I thought there must be something that hurt this man very deeply, and I wanted to know the details, but as I continued reading I found no serious merit in his remark that “As a Christian, suddenly I am a stranger in my own country”

In his letter he said:

“there are those of the predominant Hindu faith who still remember my small contribution to the welfare of the country of our birth. During a recent trip to Rajgurunagar in the Khed taluka of Pune district to visit schools that my NGO, The Bombay Mothers and Children Welfare Society, had adopted, I stopped at Lonavla for idli and tea. A group of middle-aged Maharashtrians sitting on the next table recognised me and stopped to greet and talk. A Brahmin couple returning from Kuwait (as I later learnt) also came up to inquire if I was who I was and then took a photograph with me”

I was astounded after reading this. On the one hand he claims the average Indian, be it from the majority community, respects and adores a Christian like him, yet his conclusion from the entire article is that “he is a stranger in his own country”!
Further Mr Ribeiro said:

“The Indian army was headed by a Christian general, the navy more than once, and same with the air force. The country’s defence forces have countless men and women in uniform who are Christians”

This would lead to only one conclusion:  in spite of being such a small minority we could reach the top posts in the Indian Armed Forces! This only shows that merit alone matters and not religion! And this can’t be seen anywhere in the world including our “role models” like US and UK ! And still we curse our mother land and its inclusiveness!
He also said:

“Today, in my 86th year, I feel threatened, not wanted, reduced to a stranger in my own country.  The same category of citizens who had put their trust in me to rescue them from a force they could not comprehend have now come out of the woodwork to condemn me for practising a religion that is different from theirs. I am not an Indian anymore, at least in the eyes of the proponents of the Hindu Rashtra”

I tried hard to find evidence in his own article in support of this remark and conclusion,  but to no avail. I am surprised! what is going on? How can a man of his calibre conclude things with out first hand experience? How can he place reliance on (paid) media reports, of so called attacks? The same media which has lost all their credibility (at least after Radia tapes).  And the super cop of yesteryears is fully dependent on such storys to make so serious comments and draw conclusions as he did in his article!
Mr Ribeiro also remarks:

“ But the outburst of Mohan Bhagwat against Mother Teresa, an acknowledged saint — acknowledged by all communities and peoples — has put me back on the hit list. Even more so because BJP leaders, like Meenakshi Lekhi, chose to justify their chief’s remarks.”

What was the outburst of Mohan Bhagwat?  I learnt that he said “Mother Theresa intended to convert and service was the face of it”. Is this an “outburst”?  Even if there is,  the way to counter it, is to issue a counter statement and close the matter, because in democracy where freedom of expression is a fundamental right, if one disagrees with any statement it should be countered by another statement. There is no scope for hue and cry as if the heaven has fallen unless one has a hidden agenda. So Bhagwat’s statement need not have received the kind of reaction that it received unless there was a hidden agenda to polarise people by playing victim. More over in a democracy no one is above criticism, whether mother Theresa or Mahatma Gandhi.
Next, my “hero” chooses to wilfully mix diverse issues:

“Ghar wapsi”, the declaration of Christmas as “Good Governance Day”, the attack on Christian churches and schools in Delhi, all added to a sense of siege that now afflicts these peaceful people

‘Ghar wapsi’ is related to religious conversion and needs to be debated separately at length. A B Vajpayee’s birthday is celebrated as Good Governance Day, if it falls on Christmas day blame the creator, blaming the government is unfair. The next issue mentioned is “attack on Christian schools and churches in Delhi” – I have a serious objection here, after all what exactly is “attack on Christians”? How do you define “attack”?  Any case of robbery or theft becomes attack on community? Or is it a deliberate attempt to defame my mother land before the world community?
He then laments:

“What should I do? What can I do to restore my confidence? I was born in this country. So were my ancestors, some 5,000 or more years ago. If my DNA is tested, it will not differ markedly from Bhagwat’s. It will certainly be the same as the country’s defence minister’s as our ancestors arrived in Goa with the sage Parshuram at the same time. Perhaps we share a common ancestor somewhere down the line. It is an accident of history that my forefathers converted and his did not. I do not and never shall know the circumstances that made it so”

This is an important observation, he admits the same DNA but stops short of analysing why he is a Christian today and cleverly calls it “an accident”, because going into depth will expose him. It is true that not only his and defence minster’s but even my ancestors are same, though I have born in a place 350 km to the South of Goa. Here it was incumbent upon him to check what exactly made his ancestors embrace Christianity? ( 

And my ancestors to flee Goa) Is it love of God /Jesus Christ or the force or torture from criminal saint Francis Xavier and his cruel gang? An IPS officer can’t be so ignorant about his own history unless he deliberately chooses to do so! He ought to know the History of Inquisition and its horrifying impact on Indian society.

Then why did Mr Ribeiro conclude such dreary views of my mother land called  Bharat? Obviously to understand this one has to understand the depth and impact “religious teachings” have on young minds during their childhood, that even after serving the full term of eminent service in Indian bureaucracy, this “fear” of Christians being “unsafe” in this country remains unchanged deep in a corner of the sub conscious mind! Which lead to remarks of the kind we saw!

It is not for the first time that I am confronting a senior learned man from my own community, whom the entire society held in high respect. I have seen IPS officers who served with integrity during service but after retirement show these leanings to victimhood of Christians. One retired joint commissioner of Delhi police having roots in Mangalore outraging on a English channel during 2008 church attack made news. A retired high court judge, with whom I had to differ on his findings on the infamous so called Mangalore church attacks of 2008, was also an eminent jurist and known for integrity honesty and impartial judgements, but after retirement when it comes to analysing “church attacks” the prejudice of the indoctrinated minds was clearly visible! 

So how poisonous could have been the teachings at young age which have this life time impact on the minds!

It is not today I am seeing such utterances for the first time but observing since 1977, the year Congress lost power at the centre for the first time! We the Christians were never bothered when the whole country was fighting emergency,  but felt ‘very unsafe’ the moment Congress was thrown out of power! And we took to streets protesting and spreading panic! And it continued whenever Congress lost at centre, in 1989-90 during V P Singh rule at centre and Mulayam singh (today’s secular champions) at UP we took to street protesting ‘rape’ of nuns in UP  and shouted slogans condemning V P Singh and Mulayam! And so on & so forth to this day!

(The author had sent his letter to Indian Express, who had originally published Mr Ribeiro’s letter, but Indian Express refused to publish the response)

As a Christian, suddenly I am a stranger in my own country, writes Julio Ribeiro

By Julio Ribeiro/ 17 March 2015/ The Indian Express

There was a time, not very long ago — one year short of 30, to be precise — when only a Christian was chosen to go to Punjab to fight what then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi termed “the nation’s battle” against separatists. I had accepted a “demotion” from secretary in the Union home ministry to DGP of the state of Punjab at the personal request of the prime minister.

Then home secretary, Ram Pradhan, and my dear friend, B.G. Deshmukh, then chief secretary to the government of Maharashtra, were flabbergasted. “Why did you accept this assignment?” they asked. The same question was put to me over the phone by then President Zail Singh. But Arjun Singh, the cabinet minister who personally escorted me by special aircraft from Delhi to Chandigarh, remarked that when my appointment was announced the next morning, the Hindus of Punjab would breathe more freely and rejoice. I presume Hindus would include RSS cadres who had been pinned into a corner by the separatists.

When 25 RSS men on parade were shot dead in cold blood one morning, then Punjab Governor S.S. Ray and I rushed to the spot to console the stricken families. The governor visited 12 homes, I visited the rest. The governor’s experience was different from mine. He was heckled and abused. I was welcomed....

Here’s how Sonia, Manmohan, Modi, Left and others sold out India to Bill Gates and other globalist criminals and are conspiring to enslave 135 crore Indians to a totalitarian world government

By Kapil Bajaj Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust (RGCT), which is chaired by Congress president Sonia Gandhi and has her son Rahul Gandhi as a t...