Monday, 21 December 2015

Congress, BJP Bhai Bhai!

BJP did a Congress today!.

Just a few days ago we saw the slimy invertebrates of Congress milling around, showing their drooling sycophancy to the two inveterate criminals called Sonia jee and Rahul jee who were appearing at Patiala House courts to answer charges of stealing Rs 2000 crore worth of property of Associated Journals Ltd.

Today we saw the same situation with Congress' creepy-crawlies replaced by BJP's swines, supporting another criminal called Arun Jaitley jee, who presided over a thoroughly corrupt Delhi cricket association for 13 long years.

Jaitley actually represents the heart of neo-liberalist, technocratic, elitist, plutocratic, globally networked corruption that has taken over not just India but the whole world.

Jaitley represents the heart of the Empire of Evil that is taking over whatever remains outside its realm.

What's the difference between Congress and BJP?

Tweedledee and Tweedledum?

A criminal to be made a 'saint' by her own criminal syndicate

A fraudster, a sanctimonious impostor, and a criminal called "Mother Teresa" is going to be "made" a "saint" next September by "Roman Catholic Church", also known as the "Vatican".

Nothing surprising, given the fact that "Roman Catholic Church" is the world's oldest surviving criminal syndicate, ethnocidal outfit, and the most bloody-minded colonial power the world has ever known .

The Roman Catholic Church's catalogue of "saints" has long figured far worse criminals and perverts.

This fraud and criminal woman was personally complicit in protecting one of the worst sexual predators among the thousands of Catholic "fathers", according to an investigation by SF Weekly, a US-based publication.

Read the report below, published in SF Weekly, and take a look at Teresa's letter download-able from the report to get a better sense of what I am saying.

(Only some paras of the report are pasted below. For full report, click the link provided.)

Pasted at the very bottom is the link to - and some paras of - a report on the University of Montreal study on Teresa which is the most comprehensive probe into the misdeeds of this fraudster.

Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest
The SF Weekly, By Peter Jamison, 11 Jan 2012

The death of journalist and polemicist Christopher Hitchens last month
gave those familiar with his work a chance to revisit one of his more
controversial subjects: the Albanian nun Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, better
known to the world as Mother Teresa. In his 1997 book, The Missionary
Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice, Hitchens argued that
the "Saint of Calcutta," who founded and headed the international
Missionaries of Charity order, enjoyed undeserved esteem.

Despite her humanitarian reputation and 1979 Nobel Peace Prize, Mother
Teresa had set up a worldwide system of "homes for the dying" that
routinely failed to provide adequate care to patients, Hitchens argued
— an appraisal shared by The Lancet, a respected medical journal.
Mother Teresa also associated with, and took large sums of money from,
disreputable figures such as American savings-and-loan swindler
Charles Keating and the dictatorial Duvalier family of Haiti.

Notwithstanding these black marks on an otherwise sterling reputation,
Mother Teresa — who died in 1997 and is now on the fast track to a
formal proclamation of sainthood by the Vatican — was never known to
have been touched by the scandal that would rock the Roman Catholic
Church in the decade after her death: the systematic protection of
child-molesting priests by church officials.

Yet documents obtained by SF Weekly suggest that Mother Teresa knew
one of her favorite priests was removed from ministry for sexually
abusing a Bay Area boy in 1993, and that she nevertheless urged his
bosses to return him to work as soon as possible. The priest resumed
active ministry, as well as his predatory habits. Eight additional
complaints were lodged against him in the coming years by various
families, leading to his eventual arrest on sex-abuse charges in 2005.

The priest was Donald McGuire, a former Jesuit who has been convicted
of molesting boys in federal and state courts and is serving a 25-year
federal prison sentence. McGuire, now 81 years old, taught at the
University of San Francisco in the late 1970s, and held frequent
spiritual retreats for families in San Francisco and Walnut Creek
throughout the 1980s and 1990s. He also ministered extensively to the
Missionaries of Charity during that time.

In a 1994 letter to McGuire's Jesuit superior in Chicago, it appears
that Mother Teresa acknowledged she had learned of the "sad events
which took [McGuire] from his priestly ministry these past seven
months," and that McGuire "admitted imprudence in his behavior," but
she wished to see him put back on the job. The letter was written
after McGuire had been sent to a psychiatric hospital following an
abuse complaint to the Jesuits by a family in Walnut Creek.

"I understand how grave is the scandal touching the priesthood in the
U.S.A. and how careful we must be to guard the purity and reputation
of that priesthood," the letter states. "I must say, however, that I
have confidence and trust in Fr. McGuire and wish to see his vital
ministry resume as soon as possible."

The one-page letter comes from thousands of pages of church records
that have been shared with plaintiffs' attorneys in ongoing litigation
against the Jesuits involving McGuire. (The documents were also shared
with prosecutors who worked on his criminal cases.) It is printed on
Missionaries of Charity letterhead but is unsigned, and thus cannot be
verified absolutely as having been written by Mother Teresa. Officials
in the Missionaries of Charity and the Jesuits did not respond to
requests for comment on its provenance......

Here is the link to - and some paras of - a report on University of Montreal study

Mother Teresa Humanitarian Image A 'Myth,' New Study Says
The Huffington Post, By Ron Dicker, 03 April 2013

A new study by Canadian academics says Mother Teresa was a product of
hype who housed the poor and sick in shoddy conditions, despite her
access to a fortune.

The Times of India, reporting on the controversial essay, wrote that
the authors asserted Mother Teresa saw beauty in the downtrodden's
suffering and was far more willing to pray for them than provide
practical medical care. Meanwhile, researchers say, the Vatican
engaged in a PR ploy as it threw aside concerns about her suspicious
financial dealings and contacts to forgo the five-year waiting period
to beatify her.

One of the researchers, Serge Larivee of the University of Montreal's
department of psychoeducation, told the school's website, “Given the
parsimonious management of Mother Teresa's works, one may ask where
the millions of dollars for the poorest of the poor have gone?”

The research paper claims that the celebrated nun had 517 missions in
100 countries at the time of her death, but that the majority of
patients were not cared for properly and many were left to die,
according to the university website. In addition, the Vatican is said
to have ignored a doctor's assertions when it concluded that a Mother
Teresa miracle healed a woman who had tuberculosis and an ovarian

Researchers Carole Senechal of the University of Ottawa and Larivee
and Genevieve Chenard from the University of Montreal came to their
conclusions by examining 96 percent of the originally researched,
published works about Teresa, according to the U of M website. Their
findings are to be published in French-language journal Studies in

Monday, 23 November 2015

NDTV's enormous crimes revealed in court

Today a journalist colleague was treating us to tea and samosa because her fiance got a job in NDTV. I had the treat alright, but couldn't help thinking what a massive fraud the whole media industry has become (or has always been).

I stole a couple a glances at her face to detect any sign betraying some understanding of the revelations about NDTV.

There were none. Working for media is, of course, no more than a naukri, as perfunctory, brainless, and devoid of sensibility as any other. 

A couple of hours later I was staring into this article, reproduced below, posted by Sucheta Dalal on her website Moneylife. The content of this article describing the frauds committed by NDTV and Prannoy Roy are known to me and many Indians for close to three years. 

And still there is this pretense going on as if nothing wrong or criminal has ever happened. NDTV's self-righteous, smug, highly paid, and expensively dressed anchors appear every day in our living rooms moralising the public on corruption and intolerance. 

They never tell us, "Today we are going to tell our viewers, in all conscience, our own corruption. How we at NDTV have been receiving hundreds of crores of rupees in ill gotten money which we have been laundering by setting up hundreds of sham companies and how we have also been suppressing our massive crimes by blackmailing or bribing the authorities and targeting those who dare to blow a whistle on them."

In the media industry, by the way, we have always been told to shun inquiring into other media companies. Even an innocuous business-related piece on another media company needs approval of the higher-ups in the editorial.

A mafia and its omerta (or code of silence) is what comes to mind. But that would apply to almost all areas of our life today.

What is not a mafia or cartel today?

CBI, ED questions genuineness of NDTV transactions through Mauritius

(Moneylife, Monday, 23 Nov. 2015)

This explosive information, contained in the filings with Supreme Court, perused by Moneylife, shows that the CBI has been investigating the NDTV group right since 2008, but the investigation seems to have been suppressed
In an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has said it has received information from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) that NDTV Studios, an Indian resident company, received Rs387.62 crore from NDTV (Media) Mauritius Ltd in 2008 and a small portion of the funds was used for investment in six new subsidiaries in India until 2009. 

In addition, in 2010, a major portion of the remaining funds, were invested in NDTV Multimedia (Mauritius) Ltd and further, in two existing wholly-owned subsidiaries in the Netherlands and UK through another subsidiary NDTV Worldwide Mauritius Ltd. 

Thereafter, NDTV Studios and its six subsidiaries were merged with NDTV thereby creating doubts about the purpose of their setting up as well as the sources of funds for NDTV (Media) Mauritius and the need to set up various companies in Mauritius. 
This explosive information, contained in the Court filings perused by Moneylife, shows that the CBI has been investigating the NDTV group right since 2008, but the investigation seems to have been suppressed. Meanwhile the group has sued an investor (Sanjay Dutt) as well as senior journalist (Madhu Kishwar) for defamation, since they asked questions about its finances. 
Interestingly, the details about the CBI’s findings have come into the public domain by way of an affidavit filed by the ED in the Delhi High Court, in writ petition No984 of 2015 by Quantum Securities versus the Enforcement Directorate. 
In its affidavit before the Court, the ED has further admitted that it had received a complaint from Income Tax (I-T) Commissioner RK Shrivastava in November 2011, as well as complaints from several others regarding NDTV finances.  Yet, ED seems to have opened a formal investigation only in January 2013.  
What is shocking is that I-T Commissioner Shrivastava has been subject to untold harassment and allegations as a result of his inquiry, which now appears to be confirmed by CBI, ED as well as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Yet, all these authorities have watched the harassment in silence, for several years now. They also remained silent when Ms Kishwar was sued by NDTV. 
What is further astonishing is the silence of the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the two national stock exchanges, National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) whose job it is to ensure that information about these inquiries is available to public shareholders of NDTV Ltd. 
Instead, barring the recent disclosure last Friday, the company has constantly denied or remained silent about various inquiries against it. It remains to be seen whether the Exchange authorities will continue to remain aloof as the first-line regulator.
The Enforcement Directorate’s submission to the Court further states: “many of the transactions relating to overseas investments/disinvestments are not reported to the RBI, which appears to be in contravention of the provisions of FEMA 1999.”
It goes on to make, what is clearly a sensational disclosure in the next paragraph. It says,  “It is alleged that between 2006-09 NDTV has set up a number of subsidiaries registered outside India. One such company NDTV Networks Plc, London, has raised about £150 million in 2005-06. 

This entire amount was invested in the subsidiary of NDTV Ltd in Mauritius, which further invested in subsidiaries registered in India. It is found that NDTV-related companies have received Rs648.81 crore from the period 2006 to 2011. It is noticed that M/s NDTV had set up step down subsidiaries at Mauritius, Netherlands, Sweden and UK. 

A maze of step-down subsidiaries was created by way of closure, merger etc. It is alleged that about 294 companies with investors/shareholders having surnames like Chidambaram are running from the same premises as NDTV Network Plc London. 
(Moneylife has already published an article , with the show cause notice issued by ED to NDTV.) 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

An insight into how Jews and Judaism make up the root of Abrahamic and Western imperialism

In the article that I reproduce below, James Petras explains how Jews and Judaism make up the source and origin of an Empire of Falsehood. This Empire subsumes, in my opinion, the Abrahamic 'religions' as well as the fraud that calls itself the secular establishment of the West.
James Petras, according to his website, is a Bartle Professor (Emeritus) of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York. "He is the author of more than 62 books published in 29 languages, and over 600 articles in professional journals, including the American Sociological Review, British Journal of Sociology, Social Research, and Journal of Peasant Studies."

The Doctrine of ‘Superior People’: The Bond between Israel and World Zionism

By Prof. James Petras, Global Research, 05 September, 2015

The single greatest feat of Israel and its overseas missions has not been material success, or the military conquest of millions of unarmed Palestinians, it has been ideological – the widespread acceptance in the US of a doctrine that claims ‘Jews are a superior people’.

Apart from small extremist rightwing sects who exhibit visceral anti-Semitism and denigrate everything Jewish, there are very few academics and politicians willing to question this supremacist doctrine. On the contrary, there is an incurable tendency to advance oneself by accepting and embellishing on it.

For example, in August 2015, US Vice-President Joseph Biden attributed ‘special genius’ to Jews, slavish flattery that embarrassed even New York’s liberal Jewish intellectuals.

Israel’s dominant role in formulating US Middle East policy is largely a product of its success at recruiting, socializing and motivating overseas Jews to act as an organized force to intervene in US politics and push Israel’s agenda.

What motivates American Jews, who have been raised and educated in the US to serve Israel?

After all, these are individuals who have prospered, achieved high status and occupy the highest positions of prestige and responsibility. Why would they parrot the policies of Israel and follow the dictates of Israeli leaders (a foreign regime), serving its violent colonial, racist agenda?

What binds a majority of highly educated and privileged Jews to the most rabidly rightwing Israeli regime in history – a relationship they actually celebrate?

What turns comfortable, prosperous American Jews into vindictive bullies, willing and able to blackmail, threaten and punish any dissident voices among their Gentile and Jewish compatriots who have dared to criticize Israel?

What prevents many intelligent, liberal and progressive Jews from openly questioning Israel’s agenda, and especially confronting the role of Zionist zealots who serve as Tel Aviv’s fifth column against the interest of the United States?

There are numerous historical and personal factors that can and should be taken into account to understand this phenomenon.

In this essay I am going to focus on one – the ideology that ‘Jews are a superior people’. The notion that Jews, either through some genetic, biologic, cultural, historical, familial and/or upbringing, have special qualities allowing them to achieve at a uniquely higher level than the ‘inferior’ non-Jews.

We will proceed by sketching the main outline of the Jewish supremacist ideology and then advance our critique.

We will conclude by evaluating the negative consequences of this ideology and propose a democratic alternative.

Jewish Supremacism
Exponents of Jewish Supremacism (JS) frequently cite the prestigious awards, worldly successes and high honors, which, they emphasize, have been disproportionately achieved by Jews.

The argument goes: While Jews represent less than 0.2% of the world population, they have produced 24% of the US Nobel prize winners; over 30% of Ivy League professors and students; and the majority of major US film, stage and TV producers.

They cite the ‘disproportionate number’ of scientists, leading doctors, lawyers and billionaires.

They cite past geniuses like, Einstein, Freud and Marx .

They point to the founders of the world’s great monotheistic religions – Moses and Abraham.

They lay claim to a unique learning tradition embedded in centuries of Talmudic scholarship.

Jewish supremacists never miss a chance to cite the ‘Jewish background’ of any highly accomplished contemporary public figures in the entertainment, publication, financial fields or any other sectors of life in the US.

Disproportionately great accomplishments by a disproportionate minority has become the mantra for heralding a self-styled ‘meritocraticelite’…. and for justifying its disproportionate wealth, power and privileges – and influence…

Challenging the Myths of Jewish Supremacists
There are serious problems regarding the claims of the Jewish Supremacists.
For centuries Jewish ‘wisdom’ was confined to textual exegesis of religious dogma – texts full of superstition and social control, as well as blind intolerance, and which produced neither reasoned arguments nor contributed to scientific and human advancement.

Jewish scholarship of note occurred among thinkers like Spinoza who revolted against the Jewish ghetto gatekeepers and rejected Jewish dogma.

Notable scientists emerged in the context of working and studying with non-Jews in non-Jewish institutions – the universities and centers of learning in the West. The majority of world-renowned Jewish scholars integrated and contributed to predominantly non-Jewish (Moslem and Christian) and secular institutions of higher learning.

Historically, highly talented individuals of Jewish origin succeeded by renouncing the constraints of everyday Jewish life, rabbinical overseers and Jewish institutions. Most contemporary prestigious scientists, including the frequently cited Nobel Prize winners, have little or nothing to do with Judaism! And their contributions have everything to do with the highly secular, integrated culture in which they prospered intellectually – despite expressions of crude anti-Semitism in the larger society.

Secondly , Jewish Supremacists persist in claiming ‘racial credit’ for the achievements of individuals who have publically renounced, denounced and distanced themselves from Judaism and have dismissed any notion of Israel as their spiritual homeland. Their universal prestige has prevented them from being labeled, apostate or ‘self-hating’. 

Albert Einstein, often cited by the Supremacists as the supreme example of ‘Jewish genius’, denounced Israel’s war crimes and showed disdain for any tribal identity. In their era, Marx and Trotsky, like the vast majority of emancipated European Jews, given the chance, became engaged in universalistic organizations, attacking the entire notion that Jews were a ‘special people’ chosen by divine authority (or by the latter-day Zionists).

Thirdly, Supremacists compile a very selective list of virtuous Jews, while omitting areas of life and activity where Jews have disproportionately played a negative and destructive role.

After all is it Jewish ‘genius’ that makes Israel a leading exporter of arms, high tech intrusive spy systems and sends military and paramilitary advisers and torturers to work with death squad regimes in Africa and Latin America?

Among the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize are three Israeli Prime Ministers who waged wars of ethnic cleansing against millions of Palestinians and expanded racist ‘Jews only’ settlements throughout the occupied Palestinian territories. These include Menachem Begin (notorious career bomber and terrorist), Yitzhak Rabin (a militarist who was assassinated by an even more racist Jewish terrorist) and Shimon Peres. 

Among Jewish American Nobel ‘Peaceniks’ is Henry Kissinger who oversaw the brutal and illegal US war in Indo-China causing 4 million Vietnamese deaths; who wrote the ‘template for regime change’ by overthrowing the democratically elected government of Chilean President Allende and condemned Chile to decades of police state terror; and who supported Indonesia’s destruction of East Timor!

In other words, these Nobel recipients, who Supremacists cite as ‘examples of Jewish Supremacy’, have sown terror and injustice on countless captive peoples and nations – giving the Nobel Peace Prize a dubious distinction.

Among the greatest billion dollar swindlers in recent US history, we d find a disproportionate percentage of American Jews – curiously not mentioned by the Supremacists in their usual litany: Bernard Madoff pillaged over $50 billion from his clients, Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken and Marc Rich are well-known names adding the distinction of ‘Jewish genius’ to a list of financial mega-felons.

Among the less respectable notables whose material successes have been tarnished by personal weaknesses – we have the billionaire and pedophile pimp, Jeffry Epstein; IMF Boss Dominique Strauss Kahn, entrepreneur and ‘nudist’ Dov Charney, New York Governor and ‘repeat customer’ Elliot Spitzer, Congressman and exhibitionist Anthony Weiner and the fun-loving sports impresario who brought down FIFA, the piratical Chuck Blazer. Curiously, none of these extraordinarily successful notables have been cited as examples of Jewish Supremacy.

As we contemplate the millions of war refugees driven from the Near East and North Africa, we should credit the role of US neo-liberal and neo-conservative ideologues and policymakers –a disproportionate percentage of whom are Jews. Millions of Chilean workers suffered as Milton Friedman and his Chicago Boys ‘advised’ Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet on dismantling the welfare state (even if it required the murder of trade unionists!). Ayn Rand (Alyssa Rosenbaum) and her fanatical free market epigones have savaged all progressive social legislation and turned the most retrograde forms of selfishness into a religion of ‘superiority’!

The disastrous US war against Iraq was largely organized, promoted and justified by a disproportionate percentage of US Jews (Zionists), including leading Neocon policymakers in the Bush and Obama administration – Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Elliott Abrams, Dennis Ross, Martin Indyk, David Frum, Shulsky, Levey, Cohen, Rahm Emanuel etc… They continue to push for war against Iran and should be seen as the ‘godfathers’ of the tragedies of Iraq, Syria and Libya where millions have fled.

The biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression was largely due to the financial policies of Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan. The trillion-dollar bailout of Wall Street by Ben Shalom Bernacke and Stanley Fischer, while Janet Yellen ignored the plight of millions of Americans who lost their homes because of mortgage foreclosures. In sum, Jewish Supremacists should proudly take credit for the American Jews who have been disproportionately responsible for the largest economic and foreign policy failures of the contemporary period – including the horrific suffering these have entailed!

Back in the more normal world of crime, Russian-Jewish mobsters dominate or share supremacy with the Italian Mafia in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and scores of cities in between. They display their unique genius at extortion and murder – knowing they can always find safe haven in the ‘Promised Land’!

On the cultural front, the finest Jewish writers, artists, musicians, scientists have emerged outside of Israel. A few may have immigrated to the Jewish state, but many other intellectuals and artists of note have chosen to leave Israel, repelled by the racist, intolerant and repressive apartheid state and society promoted by Jewish Supremacists.

The record provides no historical basis for the claims of Jewish Supremacists:
What has been cited as the disproportionate ‘Jewish genius’ turns out to be a two-edged sword – demonstrating the best and the worst.

Claiming a monopoly on high academic achievement must be expanded to owning up to the Jewish authors of the worst financial and foreign policy disasters – they too are ‘high achievers’.

Donations from financial billionaires, all ‘geniuses’, have financed the war crimes of the Israeli state and made possible the expansion of violent Jewish settlers throughout occupied Palestine – spreading misery and displacement for millions.

In fairness, the most notorious Jewish swindler in contemporary America was even-handed: ‘Bernie’ Madoff swindled Jews and Goys, Hollywood moguls and New York philanthropists – he wasn’t picky about who he fleeced.

The latest fashion among Jewish Supremacist ‘geneticists’ is to extoll the discovery of uniquely special ‘genes’ predisposing Jews to experience the ‘holocaust’ and even inherit the experience of suffering from long dead ancestors. Such ‘scientists’ should be careful. As Jazz artist and essayist, Gilad Altzmon wryly notes, ‘They will put the anti-Semites out of business’.

Ultimately, Jews, who have assimilated into the greater society or not, who inter-marry and who do not, are all products of the social system in which they live and (like everyone else) they are the makers of the roles they decide to play within it.

In the past, a uniquely disproportional percentage of Jews chose to fight for universal humanist values – rejecting the notion of a chosen people.

Today a disproportionate percentage of educated Jews have chosen to embrace an ‘ethno-religious’ Supremacist dogma, which binds them to an apartheid, militarist state and ideology ready to drag the world into a global war.

Never forget! Racialist supremacist doctrines led Germany down the blind ally of totalitarianism and world war, in which scores of millions perished.

Jews, especially young Jews, are increasingly repelled by Israel’s crimes against humanity. The next step for them (and for us) is to criticize, demystify and stand up to the toxic supremacist ideology linking the powerful domestic Zionist power configuration and its political clones with Israel.

The root problem is not genetic, it is collective political dementia: a demented ideology that claims a chosen elite can forever dominate and exploit the majority of American people. The time will come when the accumulated disasters will force the American people to push back, unmasking the elite and rejecting its supremacist doctrines. Let us hope that they will act with passion guided by reason.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Judaism is the source and origin of Abrahamic evil

There are Indians who, in resisting the worldwide Abrahamic fraud, seem to make a distinction between Christianity and Islam on the one hand and Judaism on the other.

They seem to believe that whereas violent proselytism of Christianity and Islam makes them an enemy of cultures across the world, Judaism is free of this ethnocidal streak and represents, therefore, the 'good guys'.

I believe this distinction is myopic and fosters a dangerously delusory attitude.

The evil of Abrahamic 'religions' is indeed best manifested in their aggressive mislabeling of people as 'Christians' and 'Muslims', but is rooted deeply in fraudulent concepts like a jealous, monopolizing God, his commissioned men, his 'covenant' with his 'chosen' people, etc.

In their sharing of these fraudulent concepts - which first found expression among the Jews and represent an incredible meanness of spirit - the three Abrahamic cults of Judaism, Christianity and Islam represent quite a composite and coherent force in the world.

I believe there is enough evidence before the world to be able to see that Judaism is the fons et origo of Abrahamic evil.

In other words, Judaism is the progenitor of an ever expanding ethnocidal empire that now exists in the world in its various 'religious' and 'secular' guises.

Supported first by the British and then American imperialists, Zionism and its depredations further underline the point made above.

It's also noteworthy that in modern times it's the American empire, the paramount power of the world, that exercises ultimate control over each of the three pernicious cults of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The whole of Abrahamic fraud is thus embedded in, and is no different from, the Empire.

The Empire needs to be understood clearly - beyond sham categories like 'religious', 'secular', 'political', and 'economic'.

And Indians who see Judaism as representing the 'good guys' need to get out of their dangerous delusion.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

End of reservation for small producers, but big business is here to destroy competition

First enacted in the 1960s, the policy reserving certain products to be manufactured in India exclusively by small producers has been brought to an end with the last 20 of such products being dereserved, says a report posted on Moneylife website on 14 April, citing a statement by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

"The union government has removed remaining 20 items like fireworks, safety matches, bread, wood and steel furniture and agarbatties, from the exclusive reserved category for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). This move will allow big players to manufacture these items.

The 20 items include pickles & chutneys, mustard oil (except solvent extracted), groundnut oil (except solvent extracted), wooden fixtures, exercise books and registers, wax candles, laundry soap, glass bangles, steel almirah, rolling shutters, steel chairs and tables, padlocks, stainless steel and aluminium utensils," says the report linked below.

I think the move is based on an obviously fraudulent assumption and is a further blow to open competition and free market.

It is small scale production (i.e. the so called 'informal economy'), not big companies, that makes up the free market and open competition, making available a wide variety of products at every street market across the length and breadth of India at competitive and highly flexible prices.

The long existence, spread and depth of small-scale production also attests to the quality of products that it makes available.

Small producers can do that because they have no power to manipulate the market in their favour and so they play fair and square, keeping low their cost of production and what they expect to charge their customers.

Small production thus works self-regulatedly and has little power to hold the society hostage.

The big companies, on the other hand, will be there not to actually make those products, but to act as capitalistic middlemen in the market in order to extract ever increasing profits.

They will be able to do that either by buying the products in bulk or contract manufacturing or by taking over a number of small producers.

Either way, they will damage competition and the interests of both small producers as well as consumers.

So "greater investment"  that the new "policy initiative" promises is only notional. Even if some of the "investment" promised is realized, it will be far exceeded by the anti-competitive profits extracted by the bigger players.

Why would anyone make investment in "better technologies, standard and branch building" (as the government statement phrases it) when they can make profits by acting as powerful middlemen?

Competition and free market is already being damaged by the so called "organized retailers" whose shelves are stuffed with big brands and private labels (supplied by big businesses), leaving little space for commodities produced by more efficient and low-cost local producers.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Western theories that misabel, mischaracterize, stereotype, and divide non-Western societies

‘Religion’ and ‘caste’ are two fraudulent categories that the Western imperialists and knowledge system superimposed upon the Indian cultural matrix.

The great variety of Indian cultural traditions has never had anything to do with ‘religion’ and ‘caste’ both of which constructs are Western colonial inventions.

Being an abusive labeling system built on sand – (the sand being ‘belief’ or ‘faith’ which is an oft-changing, unascertainable mental state of an individual) – the very concept of 'religion' is fraudulent and coercive.

‘Religion’ is, in fact, an outright denial of 'dharma' which allows individual freedom in quest for knowledge and understanding and playing of one’s part within a social context.

Our various darshans, jnan-margs, panths, sampradayas, etc. – as also the concept of ‘dharma’ – are embedded within the larger Indian cultural matrix which is quintessentially ‘syncretistic’.

‘Religion’, on the other hand, hates and curses ‘syncretism’ as an anathema and apostasy. What a contrast!

(By ‘religion’ I only mean Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the so called ‘Abrahamic’ faiths that are quite substantially inter-related in their ‘histories’ and other falsehoods.)

Derived from Spanish/Portuguese ‘casto’ meaning pure, unmixed – ‘caste’ is likewise a Western racial construct with nothing in common with ‘jati’ which has never existed as a rigid, written down ‘system’ as is pretended nowadays by motivated ‘intellectuals’ and ‘politicians’.

India’s clans, communities, samaj, biradari – which are mislabeled as ‘caste’ by the Western knowledge system – had always been - and continue to be in great measure even today - flexible and dynamic entities that allowed inter-community interactions, including marriage.      

Officially designating them as ‘castes’ or as based on a ‘caste system’ – as British Raj and now Republic of India have been doing – thus becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We have the so called ‘castes’ insofar as we allow Republic of India to mislabel us as belonging to ‘castes’.

Thus ‘caste’ and ‘religion’ are embedded within the colonial legacy and makeup of Indian State whose ever-expanding processes have been enforcing and reinforcing these two colonial constructs on our communities which are thus conditioned to view themselves as belonging to ‘caste’ and ‘religion’.

And there has been underway for a long time a sinister effort, funded primarily by Christian churches and other Western institutions, to have the so called ‘caste’ officially designated as ‘race’.

It’s an agenda for India’s balkanization. Let’s not be sitting ducks for this massive fraud.

Let’s try to see through the Western knowledge system.

The material that I have copy-and-pasted below will give you an amazing insight into the theories that Western imperialists have employed to mislabel, mischaracterize, stereotype and balkanize non-Western societies.

Racism, History and Lies
by Max Dashu

Some doctrines of racial supremacy as classically taught in Euro/American institutions, textbooks and media:

PHYSICAL CALIBRATION DOCTRINE: In which white anthropologists treat people as racial specimens, measuring "cephalic indices" and attempting to prove superiority of the "white" brain. Ugly racist terminology: "prognathism," "platyrhiny," "steatopygous," "sub-Egyptian." Mug-shot lineups of "the Veddan female," "Arapaho male, "Negroid type," "Mongoloid specimen" characterize this approach. Out of favor in the mid-20th-century, it has enjoyed a revisionist comeback with sociobiology and works claiming racial differentials in intelligence, such as "The Bell Curve."

TECHNOLOGICAL CALIBRATION DOCTRINE: Insists on forcing archaeological finds as well as living cultures into a grid of "development" based on whether tools, materials and techniques valued by "Western" scholars were in use. Example: "They were a stone age civilization who never discovered the wheel!" This model forces cultures into a progressional paradigm: Old and New Stone Ages, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Industrial Revolution, Space Age. This classification ignores the complexity of culture, and the fact that metallurgic technology and military might are not the ultimate measure of advanced culture.

STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT DOCTRINE: The assumption that "primitive" cultures represent lower "stages" in historical evolution, and have yet to attain advanced forms of culture. One English scholar referred to "the child-races of Africa." Usually, social hierarchy, militarization and industrialization are taken as prime measures of "advanced" civilization. In the 19th century, scholars openly used the terms "savage," "barbarian," "civilized." Though these offensive words have (mostly) been dropped, the underlying assumptions are still quite influential. (For a good discussion of how the insistence on talking about "tribes" distorts African history, see )

SPREAD OF CIVILIZATION DOCTRINE: Credits all achievements to conquering empires, assuming their superiority in science, technology, and government. Adherents are usually incapable of perceiving advanced earth-friendly systems of land management, agronomy, medicine, collective social welfare networks, healing, astronomical knowledge, or profound philosophical traditions among peoples considered "primitive" by dominant "Western" standards.

PASSING OF THE TORCH DOCTRINE: Claims a chain of cultural transmission from Mesopotamia and Egypt to Greece to Rome to western Europe to the USA, leaving vast gaps where the history of the rest of the world should be. (And the discussion never returns to Egypt or Iraq to consider what happened there after the fall of their ancient empires.) Most of the planet's cultures are discussed only in relation to the European conquest, if mentioned at all. As a result, few people have any idea of the history of Sumatra, Honduras, Niger, Ecuador, Mozambique, Ohio, Hokkaido, Samoa, or even European countries such as Lithuania or Bosnia.

IF IT WAS GREAT, IT MUST HAVE BEEN WHITE: If advanced science, art, or architecture is found in Africa or South America, then Phoenecians, Greeks, Celts, Vikings (or, in the extreme case, space aliens) must be invoked to explain their presence. (Here, whiteness often functions as a relative concept, as "lighter than.") This bias gives rise to a pronounced tendency to date American or African cultures later than warranted, and as a result dating for these regions is constantly having to be revised further back into the past as evidence of greater antiquity piles up.

Corollary: IF IT WAS WHITE, IT MUST HAVE BEEN GREAT. Thus, the conqueror Charlemagne was a great man, in spite of his genocidal campaign against the Saxons, but the Asian conquerors Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan were simply evil. Stereotypes of head-hunters picture Africans (in the absence of any evidence for such a practice there) but never Celtic head-hunters in France and Britain -- much less Lord Kitchener making off with the Mahdi's skull in Sudan, or U.S. settlers taking scalps and body parts of Indian people. This doctrine also underlies the common assumption that European conquest must have improved life for subject peoples.

IF IT WAS NOT WHITE, AND ITS GREATNESS IS UNDENIABLE, THEN IT MUST BE DEPRECATED IN SOME WAY:  Example: The Epic of Man, published in the '60s by Time/Life Books, says of the advanced civilization of ancient Pakistan: "It is known that a static and sterile quality pervaded Indus society." It used to be the academic fashion to call ancient Egypt a "moribund" civilization which "stifled creativity." Similar writings dismissed the "Incas" (Quechua) as "totalitarian," or the Chinese as "isolated" and "resistant to change," ignoring their interchange with steppe societies as well as Southeast Asian cultures.

The AFRICAN GAP DOCTRINE: After examining the first humans hundreds of thousands of years ago, this historical approach completely skips over most of the African archaeological record. It discusses ancient Egypt but ascribes its civilization to "the Middle East," denying its African identity and archaeological connections with Saharan and southern Nilotic civilizations. Saharan civilization, Ile-Ife or Mwanamutapa are not discussed at all. Africa is simply dropped from historical consideration until the era of European slaving and colonization, when it is portrayed as culturally and technologically deficient. The existence of female spheres of power in Africa is ignored.

The BERING STRAIT DOCTRINE insists that all indigenous American peoples came across a land bridge between Siberia and Alaska, filtering down through Central America into South America. Problem: numerous archaeological sites in the Americas predate any possible Bering Strait migration by many thousands of years. Access from Alaska to the rest of North America was blocked for millennia by two great ice sheets that covered Canada. An narrow opening that might have allowed passage appeared much too late (about 13,500 years ago) to explain the growing evidence that people were living in both North and South America much earlier than these "first" migrations.

By 1997-98, the tide of opinion began to turn: several scientific conclaves declared that a majority of attending scholars rejected the Bering Strait theory as a full explanation of how the Americas were peopled. The long-doctrinal hypothesis of Clovis hunters as the first immigrants is crumbling before the new dating, as hundreds of pre-Clovis sites pile up: Cactus Hill, Virginia (13,500 BP); Meadowcroft Rock Shelter in Pennsylvania (14,000 - 17,000 Before Present); Monte Verde (13,500 BP); Pedra-Furada, Brazil (15,000 BP, and possibly as old as 32,000 BP).

Bering Strait diehards discount the oral histories of indigenous Americans. In spite of the huge diversity among the American peoples and differences between most Americans and east Asians, all are declared to be of "Mongoloid racial origin."

After the initial press stampede declaring "Kennewick Man" to be "white," study of the genetic evidence shows something entirely different. Instead, it appears that there have been several waves of migration: from central China, from the ancient Jomon culture of Japan, from south Asia or the Pacific islands. And "Luzia," an 11,500-year-old female skeleton in Brazil "appeared to be more Negroid in its cranial features than Mongoloid," in the stodgy anthropological terminology of the New York Times (Nov 9, 1999). (Actually she most closely resembles aborignal Australians.) But there is also a uniquely North American X-haploid group of mitochondrial DNA, which has yet to be explained.


STEREOTYPING entire peoples as mad, uncontrollable threats: "Wild Indians," "Yellow Hordes" or "the Yellow Peril." As inferior nonhumans: "primitives," "savages," "gooks," "niggers" -- this last term used not only against African-Americans, but also by 18th-century English colonizers of Egypt and India. Even the word "natives," which originally meant simply the people born in a country and by extension the aboriginal inhabitants, took on heavy racist coloration as an inferior Other.

POLARIZATION: "Scientific thought" vs. "primitive belief"; "undeveloped" vs "civilized"; or "the world's great religions" vs. "tribal superstitions," "cults," "idolatry" or "devil-worship." Depending on where it was created, a sculpture could either be a "masterpiece of religious art" or an "idol," "fetish," or "devil." Few people realize that "Western" scientists did not match the accuracy of ancient Maya calculations of the length of the solar year until the mid-20th century.

Indians who resist colonization and land theft are commonly portrayed as evil in popular media, which applies negative labels such as "Renegades." Here indigenous people are Other; the intruders in their country are The Good Guys. The white hero is named after the Texas Rangers, systematic killers of Indian families. His Indian sidekick's name, Tonto, means "fool, stupid person" in Spanish.

RENAMING: Dutch colonists called the Khoi-khoi people "Hottentots" (stutterers). Russians called the northwest Siberian Nentsy "Samoyed" (cannibals). These are blatant examples, but many nationalities are still called by unflattering names given by their enemies: "Sioux" (Lakota); "Miao" (Hmong); "Lapps" (Saami); "Basques" (Euskadi); "Eskimos" (Inuit). European names have replaced the originals in many places: Nigeria, Australia, New Caledonia, New Britain, etc. (But "Rhodesia" bit the dust, after a revolution.)

DEGRADATION OF MEANINGS: "Mumbo jumbo" has become a cliché signifying meaningless superstitions, but it comes from a Mandinke word -- mama dyambo -- for a ritual staff bearing the image of a female ancestor. (Look it up in any good dictionary.) "Fetish" now connotes an obsessive sexual fixation, but originated as a Portuguese interpretation of sacred West African images as "sorcery" (feitição). The holy city of Islam is often appropriated in phrases like "a Mecca for shoppers."

DOUBLE-THINK: Conquest becomes "unification," "pacification,""opening up," and conquered regions are dubbed "protectorates." The convention is to use Europe as the standard, writing texts from the viewpoint of the conquerors / colonizers. Thus, a Rajasthani rebellion against English rule was termed the "Indian Mutiny." A peculiarity of this thinking is the tendency to refer to times of bloody invasions and enslavement with respectful nostalgia, as in "The Golden Age of Greece" and "The Glory That Was Rome," or "How the West Was Won." British subjugation of southern Nigeria is recast as The Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Lower Niger.

A contributor to Men Become Civilized, edited by Trevor Cairns, explains it all to children:
"When the king of one city conquered others, he would have to make sure that all the people in all the cities knew what to do. He would have to see that they all had rules to follow, so that they would live peacefully together."

Double-think finds ways to recast genocide as regrettable but necessary, due to failings of the people being killed, who are somehow unable to "adapt." Distancing the agent is key here, obscuring the violence with the idea that some kind of natural process is at work: "vanishing races," "by that time the Indians had disappeared."

Hollywood tomtoms beat as fake Indians jump up and down, uttering brainless cries and grunts. There's the "squaw" complex in literature and cinema, the faithful Indian sidekick, and Robinson Crusoe's "Man Friday." John Wayne as the Western movie hero, saying: "There's humans and then there's Comanches." Or in real life, the actor tried to justify the settler theft of Indian countries: "There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves."

Advertising is an important transmitter of historical misrepresentation. It draws on colonial mythologies such as the notion that the Dutch "bought" Manhattan for the equivalent of $24 in trade goods --in spite of the fact that the Indians did not think of land as something that could be sold. The role of violence is completely obliterated. Even history books do not go into the massacres of Native people. On Staten Island settlers slaughtered the people they called "Wappingers," and afterward played football with their severed heads.

Tarzan goes up against witch doctors and eye-rolling African chiefs. The Caribbean is shown as full of fearful, superstitious natives and zombies, Arabs who have nothing to do all day but loll around in harems, or cheat the white hero. Seductive Suzie Wongs, thieving Mexicans, and shiftless and sexually insatiable African-Americans. Movies commonly depict the Chinese as obsequious and deceitful, Arabs as treacherous, Africans as ignorant and barbaric.

*The Mande were farming millet and other crops in West Africa in 6500-5000 BCE.
*Temples in Peru and Sudan are much older than the Parthenon.
*People in Mississippi, Illinois and Mexico traded with each other and exchanged ideas and symbols, as the the sea-faring Ecuadorians did with Costa Rica and western Mexico.
*A small-statured Black people built the oldest civilization in southeast Asia, leaving megalithic temples and statuary in south India, Cambodia, Sumatra and other Indonesian islands.
*Archaeology shows that the earliest formative influences on ancient Egypt came from Sudan and the Sahara, not the "Middle East."
*The oldest megalithic calendar in the world has recently been discovered in the Egyptian Sahara, dating back to 7000 years ago. European megaliths may have an African origin.
*Polynesian mariners had begun navigating by the stars and settling the vast ocean expanses of the Pacific islands before the time of Moses.

In the last half century, the boundaries of "acceptable" history have been expanded by a multidisciplinary approach, including sources previously dismissed: orature (oral tradition), linguistics, anthropology, social history, art, music and other cultural sources. More recently, the social locations of historians have come under consideration as a factor shaping their perspectives, along with a sense that there is no absolutely "objective" view of history. Past claims of objectivity have biases clearly visible today, notably in siding with European settlers and slavers against non-christian cultures, and the almost total eclipse of female acts and experience from historical accounts.

A reader who might react negatively to a blatant expression of racism often misses perceiving one cloaked in scholarly language, in assumptions, judgments and misinformation most people have not been educated to catch. It does not occur to many people to question a pronounced overemphasis on Europe, the smallest continent (actually, a subcontinent of Asia.) If a chapter or two on African and Asian history is inserted in a textbook, publishers go ahead and call it a world history. Typically, media depictions of history have not caught up with information now available in specialized academic sources, and continue to present the old stereotypes and distortions as fact.


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Labeling people as 'Christians', thus pushing them into strife and violence

"Pope tells Catholics at Easter vigil: Seek truth, beauty and love," says the headline of a report filed by news-agency Reuters and published on Sunday 05 April 2015.

"Pope Francis led the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics into Easter on Saturday night, urging them at a vigil Mass to shun indifference and boldly live their faith...

He administered the sacrament to a 13-year-old Cambodian girl and nine adults, including a 66-year-old woman from Kenya, the country where al Shabaab Islamist militants killed 148 people at a university, apparently singling out Christians to kill while letting some Muslims escape."

One can read the full report on the link below.

So the Pope tells the so labelled "Roman Catholics" -- "Roman Catholics", not human beings -- to "shun indifference and boldly live their faith".

He also does more of his boldly-living-his-faith labeling as "Christians" and "Roman Catholics" - on Cambodians and former "Muslims" - even as "Muslims" and "Christians" (not human beings) continue to kill each other in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lybia, Syria, Yemen, Kenya, Egypt, Europe...

Got it?

*Label people as "Christians" - often by making them believe that their previous labels, if any, get erased. It's called "baptism".

*Tell them to "shun indifference and boldly live their faith".

*Turn them thus into cannon fodder for the hatred, strife, violence and bloody war arising out of such labeling as "Christians" and "Muslims".

*The labelled are then exhorted to "enter into the mystery" in search of "truth, beauty and love" .

The 2.5 billion "Christians, including 1.2 billion "Roman Catholics", are, of course, forever in search of "truth, beauty and love" - in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere.

Which is why the world is swimming in "truth, beauty and love".

While the Vatican continues with its crimes with fancy dresses, sound-and-light, and a load of Latinized bullshit.

And the larger labeling system of the so called 'Abrahamic religions' continues to savage the world.

Friday, 3 April 2015

The 'political spectrum' is a tool of imperialism in the hands of the West

I regard the whole concept of a 'political spectrum' - book-ended as it is by the 'Left' and the 'Right' - as an open fraud on the peoples of the world. 'Political spectrum' subserves the needs of the Empire that the West is - the need to track, label/mislabel and manage the minds and thinking of people and societies across the world.

On the one hand the Western knowledge system progressively validates the use of its 'political spectrum' across the world, and on the other the Western institutions use it to perversely mislabel and straitjacket the great diversity of thinking found in human societies across the world into narrow and arbitrarily defined categories like 'Left', 'Right', 'Centre', 'progressive', 'conservative', etc.

So 'political spectrum' is a tool -- (a sort of branding iron that is heated and used to brand livestock and was once also used on the bodies of criminals and slaves) -- in the hands of the West to sustain and expand its interventionist and imperialist role in the world.

The West has had the effrontery to wield this tool while presenting itself to the world as made up of 'liberal' States. Could there be anything more illiberal than a system of branding people? How can the world acquiesce in this open fraud?

How can any self-respecting person allow themselves, without resistance, to be labeled and framed within a system of imperial and abusive categories thought up by the agents and apologists of the West?  

The 'political spectrum' has been reproducing across the world the increasingly idiotic and sclerotic political theatre of the West. All countries seem to be moving inexorably towards a suffocating sameness characterized and brought about by the Western categories of Left, Right, Centre, etc.

Out of the three categories of 'social', 'political', and 'economic' into which most 'educated' people have come to divide human life, only the first one is the real category. The latter two - i.e. 'political' and 'economic' - are fakes or impostors.

And it's these two fake categories that the whole 'political spectrum' represents.

What do 'political and 'economic' mean?
If one reflects on this question, one would be hard pressed to reach any definitive senses for the two words – unless, of course, one invokes a ‘society’ (or the ‘social’).

As concepts, the 'political' and the 'economic' have quite obviously been abstracted from ‘social’ or social relations.

All human relationships and transactions are 'social relations', including those that are mislabelled as 'political' and 'economic'.

So 'political' and 'economic' are at best embedded in 'social' relations. They have no independent existence; they exist only in the minds of the 'educated' people as abstractions.

Calling some aspects of ‘social' relations 'political' or 'economic' is a purely mental and arbitrary process.

So while ‘society’ and ‘social’ is a real category – with real existence of individuals and their inter-relationships – ‘economic’ and ‘political’ are only arbitrary and indeterminable abstractions from the wholeness that ‘society’ (or 'community') represents.

This un-abstracted state or 'wholeness' of human life is also denoted by the term 'culture'.

It's this wholeness - denoted by 'community'/'society'/'culture' - that decolonizing of the world leads to. This wholeness must supplant the fake categories - mere abstractions - of 'political' and 'economic' that the West currently uses as a weapon to undermine and destroy societies and cultures.

The fact that 'political' and 'economic' are fake categories - employed as they have been to control and subjugate the 'social' - has tremendous implications for the entire Western knowledge system.
All of the West's 'political’ and 'economic’ theories and 'isms' - which it imposes on the entire world - can be called into question.

Currently, for instance, the empirical basis of the 'neo-classical economics' in particular and the 'economics' discipline in general lies in shambles.

The whole idea of 'economics' (i.e. any 'economic' theory) - treated by the Western institutions as an 'empirically' determined discipline and imposed as an orthodoxy on the rest of the world - is quite a fraud actually.
(The 'real world economics movement' elaborates this point a great deal, but one must go beyond that.)

All Western political theories, such as democracy, liberalism, socialism, have been cleverly abstracted out of the wholeness that 'community'/'society'/'culture' represents and yet are used as tools to progressively undermine community'/'society'/'culture', particularly in the non-West.

Think of it: what the West calls 'democracy' is nothing but a theoretical abstraction of any autonomous human community in the real world.

'Autonomy' has always been the active principle of all human 'communities'/'cultures' across the world. A 'community' is not a 'community' unless it is autonomous. It's this 'autonomy', or cultural freedom, that the Islamic and Western imperialism have been undermining over the centuries - (primarily the West in the last 500 years).

'Autonomy' also has to be the most fundamental principle of anything that can be called a 'democratic' theory. And yet 'democratic' theory has been used by the West to destroy the autonomy of societies in the non-West.

I'd go even further to suggest that the whole instrumentality of 'State' - about 200 of which currently claim the entire Earth - is a Western imposition and represents the imperial realm of 'political' and 'economic' progressively undermining the 'social'.

So the very presence of Western-determined-or-dictated 'States' makes for progressive undermining of all communities/societies/cultures across the world.

In fact, the West has been called an essentially 'ethnocidal' empire by the likes of French anthropologists Robert Jaulin and Pierre Clastres.

I believe that 'community'/'society'/'culture' has been undermined across the world, particularly over the 500 years of Western colonialism, imperialism and ethnocide. And I believe that despite being seriously mauled Indic cultures are today probably the only prominent representatives in the world of this un-abstracted 'wholeness' of human life.

Like 'political' and 'economic', 'religion' is another fraudulent category threatening the 'wholeness' of human life under which I only place the three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Or two if you conflate the first two into 'Judeo-Christianity').

'Religion' is essentially a (mis)labelling system that is used as an ethnocidal weapon.


Cows roaming the streets is a stereotype, much abused by malicious propagandists

Are there "millions" of abandoned cows and bulls roaming the streets of India? Absolutely not.

A person I share an online forum with pointed recently to what he portrayed as a "Hindu" problem - cattle roaming the streets in some Indian towns and cities.

He made the following comment in reference to an interview with Prof. Kancha Ilaiah published on Quartz India website on 21 March 2015. 

"Interesting article. No religious Hindu has ever offered a practical solution for the problem of millions of abandoned cows and bulls roaming and living on trash on streets of India. Hindus (and followers of other Indian religions) are sycophants. They consume cow's milk and then abandon them to starve on streets. "Gaushalas" are just a farce. Orthodox Hindus build Gaushalas (for a few cows), and Christian missionaries build Orphanages. Will Ban on cow slaughter magnify the problem? Regressive practices of orthodox Hindus could continue to weaken Hinduism, and continue to drive lower castes into the arms of Christian missionaries."

(Prof. Kancha Ilaiah, who currently works for Maulana Azad National Urdu University at Hyderabad, argues in his article that ban on beef "is definitely a cultural imposition, particularly on indigenous groups such as tribals and Dalits". His article, headlined 'History is proof most Hindus never had any beef with beef', can be read on the link below.) says-most-hindus-never-had- any-beef-with-beef

I wrote the following to the person who made the comment reproduced above.

You seem to have fallen hook, line and sinker for the stuff penned by Kancha Ilaiah, an 'academic' polemicist best known these days for fanning discord among the youth by hosting 'beef eating days' on university campuses and proclaiming Ambedkar as a 'prophet' on the lines of Muhammad.

(I wouldn't put it past Ilaiah to some day advocate enacting an anti-blasphemy law of the kind they have in Pakistan. This guy sounds that militant in his views.)

Your statements are sweeping, opinionated, hyperbolic, and reflect little appreciation of the actual situation prevailing in India.

(a) You say: "No religious Hindu has ever offered a practical solution for the problem of millions of abandoned cows and bulls roaming and living on trash on streets of India."
"Gaushalas" are just a farce."

First of all, you need to drop this hyperbolic "millions" from your assertion. There are absolutely NO "millions of abandoned cows and bulls roaming and living on trash on streets of India".

Most of the cattle found in cities - some of which are shown in stereotypical images of India as roaming or blocking the roads - are not 'abandoned' animals as might be believed, but have owners who have little option or resources but to use whatever little grazing ground they can find in urban areas.

These cattle rearers, many of whom are milk suppliers, tend to be the inhabitants of the rural areas on which all Indian towns and cities have been - or are being - built. That has long been the nature of urbanization in India - with rural areas facing creeping transformation into urbanity rather than being extinguished through planned, project-based laying of a town or city.

In cities such as Bhopal, which is still full of swathes of rural habitations and green farms, one often sees these owners rounding up their animals in the evening dusk. Large flocks of sheep being grazed in the open scrubs is also a common sight in Bhopal and other cities.

As open grounds shrink, particularly in places that are urbanizing fast or are already densely urbanized, such as a city like Delhi (whose rural pockets have largely vanished, except in the outskirts), you see less and less of the stereotypical images described above.

Most of Delhi, for instance, has already outgrown this portrayal of cattle roaming on the roads.

(Bear in mind that these hackneyed images can easily be produced by stage-managing them and then used over and over again in the media without much context.)

How are you so sure that "no religious Hindu has ever offered a practical solution..."? What makes you think that "Gaushalas are just a farce"? Where is the evidence?

Indians - including "Hindus", "religious" or "non-religious" - don't have to prove their intelligence to anyone. India has no dearth of smart and sensible people, animal husbandry colleges and experts who could come up with "practical solutions" that might be classed the best in the world.

(But the "problem" that you describe is more in the minds of writers like Kancha Ilaiah and those who fall for their propaganda.)

(b) "They (Hindus) consume cow's milk and then abandon them to starve on streets".
"Will Ban on cow slaughter magnify the problem? Regressive practices of orthodox Hindus could continue to weaken Hinduism, and continue to drive lower castes into the arms of Christian missionaries."

Is that why India has the largest headcount of cattle in the world - 'Pashu-dhan' that any human society ought to be proud of - and is the largest producer of milk in the world?

Too bad, "Hindus abandon their cattle to starve on streets". Should they kill those animals? Would that make "Hindus" less "sycophantic"? Would that minify - rather than "magnify" - the problem? Would you deem that a progressive - rather than a "regressive" - practice of "orthodox Hindus". Would that strengthen - rather than "weaken" - Hinduism?

What is so "regressive" about not killing animals in a world which - going by quite empirically 'scientific' counsel - should fast be moving away from meat eating?

And how is all of that related to the "lower castes" being driven "into the arms of Christian missionaries"?
How does cattle slaughter help India become less amenable to Christian missionaries?

What on earth makes you link management of cattle - particularly in urban areas - with Indians being "Hindu" or Hindus being "sycophantic"?

Along with all the propaganda by people like Kancha Ilaiih, the very nature of India's urbanization makes it seem as if live cattle in cities is a problem. I am sure most city dwellers like myself don't see that as a problem. And those who might see that as a problem would be reasonable enough to understand the reasons for such a situation.

(c) By advocating the staging of such stunts as hosting beef eating days in university campuses, Kancha Ilaiah has shown his sick mentality.

People should beware of Ilaiah and his increasingly unreasonable rantings.

Here’s how Sonia, Manmohan, Modi, Left and others sold out India to Bill Gates and other globalist criminals and are conspiring to enslave 135 crore Indians to a totalitarian world government

By Kapil Bajaj Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust (RGCT), which is chaired by Congress president Sonia Gandhi and has her son Rahul Gandhi as a t...