Friday, 15 February 2013

Greek workers take over factory: hope for worker self-management

Global financial crises, privatized governments and the tyranny of an unstoppable growth engine that renders human life meaningless ― it's a dystopian world we are living in.
Does Humanity have any idea as to where it’s going and whether our existence has been left with any moral purpose?
We ought to have some idea, at least, as to the Earth-destroying potential of our growth-driven, corrupt economy and ever widening and socially paralyzing crises of capitalism.
What could we do?
Maybe we could start by thinking through our top-down, alienating, atomizing, unjust, exploitative and extractive economy ― and then dreaming up better alternatives.
Here is some great news for those interested in alternatives.

On Tuesday, 12 February 2013, workers at Vio.Me, a building materials factory at Thessaloniki in crisis-stricken Greece, took over their workplace and started their first production under self-management.

The workers of Vio.Me, which was abandoned by its owners, have been unpaid since May 2011. By a decision of their general assembly, they decided to occupy the factory and operate it under direct democratic workers’ control.

This development was a culmination of three days of intense mobilization of workers and their supporters and a year-long struggle that elicited expressions of solidarity from people across the world.
It is “the first experiment in industrial self-management in crisis-stricken Greece, and the workers of Vio.Me are confident this is going to be only the first in a series of such endeavours”.

More information – including email address for sending expressions of solidarity – can be had from the Vio.Me website.

Among the activists and intellectuals across the world, who have expressed their support for the workers’ initiative, are: David Harvey, Naomi Klein, Avi Lewis, John Holloway, Silvia Federici, George Caffentzis, Sergio Tischler, David Graeber, Raúl Zibechi, Giorgio Agamben, Mag Wompel (, Moishe Postone, Brendan Martin (Working World), Dario Azzellini and Marina Sitrin.

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