Thursday, March 22, 2018

Manmohan Singh's PHFI unravels under its own fraud and criminality: "Half dead, in critical care"

Manmohan Singh's "world class" Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) that was to teach "public health" to the whole of India has actually unraveled like the plot of a B-grade Bollywood movie, as I'd suggested in this Moneylife article as far back as September 2012.

A Health Ministry official told me on Tuesday that "we have had no links with PHFI" (contrary to PHFI's 12-year-old claim that Health Secretary sits on its board and it is some kind of 'PPP') and that PHFI is "already half-dead and in critical care, although some people are pleading with the government to save it".

The Health Ministry has also asked PHFI to respond to my complaint (highlighting cover-up of a scam of Rs100 crore and other instances of criminal conduct) within 10 days of receipt of a notice dated 16 March 2018.

All relevant arms of the government have officially confirmed through RTI that no order was ever issued allowing Health Secretary and other top government officials to be on the PHFI governing board. 

So PHFI governing board has been a fraud right from 2006 when this sneaky private club was registered as society by McKinsey's Rajat Gupta, K. Srinath Reddy and six other frontmen and hirelings!

(Mail me at for all RTI requests and responses sent by Health Ministry, the PMO, and the Department of Science and Technology. You can also take a look at a few screenshots of these RTI inquiries in this, this, and this tweet of mine.) 

I have already shown in the article linked above as well as this one that PHFI was NEITHER a 'Public-Private Partnership', NOR an 'autonomous body' under any ministry of the central government, NOR did it ever have any other legally tenable status as a public service entity.

I have also shown that Rs 65 crore grant that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh gave a non-entity like PHFI in 2006 was illegal as it fell foul of the General Financial Rules 2005.

Manmohan Singh and his ministers employed falsehood and fraud in Parliament and outside to insinuate PHFI into government, creating enduring conditions for wide-spread corruption and perversion of norms of public service. 

So PHFI is entirely fraudulent in its conception, registration, formation, area of work/influence, and in its continued existence. 

And PHFI has proven that time and again. 

I showed in 16 Feb. article that PHFI Chairman N.R. Narayana Murthy and President K. Srinath Reddy have hushed up a Rs 100 crore swindle that has wiped out the Rs 65 crore government grant -- without incurring any consequences of this criminal conduct.

Sources have been informing me about more instances of corruption and criminality in PHFI, such as about 100 acre land grab across the country.

I'll be detailing those instances of corruption and criminality in my forthcoming writings.

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