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The world's oldest and most dangerous criminal syndicate!

Here are some thoughts on the so called 'Roman Catholic Church' that crossed my mind while skimming through this article by Jaideep Mazumdar in which he underlines the monstrous fraud that the church has committed by portraying some stray incidents of burglary and vandalism in 2014 and 2015 as "Hindutva" attack on "Christians".

The church frequently engages in fraud and falsehood such as claiming in March 2015 that an incident of alleged rape of a 72-year-old nun at a 'convent' in Nadia district of West Bengal was an act of 'communalism' against Christians.

The church also portrayed a number of other stray incidents of burglary and vandalism at places of Christian worship in the country as instances of hatred and intolerance directed at Christians and other "minorities".

"... the Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI) president cardinal Baselios Cleemis told the media before visiting the nun and the convent in Bengal that 'not only cows, but human beings too need to be protected'... alluding to the BJP’s proposed cow protection measures," writes Mazumdar.

The investigation of the Nadia 'rape' case did not yield any Hindutva foot soldier, but some Bangladeshi men who, according to the police, just wanted to commit robbery (and did commit it).

"On Tuesday (07 Nov. 2017), a Kolkata court held only the prime accused, Nazrul Islam, guilty of rape. Four other members of the gang – all of them Bangladeshis – have been held guilty of only committing a dacoity."

Have the church and others crying wolf apologized?

Of course not!

Does one expect inveterate fraudsters and criminals to own up to their crimes?

I read Mazumdar's article on Bharatabharati.wordpress.com - even though it was originally published on 08 Nov. 2017 on Swarajya magazine's website.

The following is my brief comment.

Having read a lot about the Catholic Church I have come to believe that it is the world’s oldest and most dangerous criminal syndicate.

In 2013-14, I had done some probing of an incident of “theft” reported by the Catholic Church in Jharkhand and found that it was a staged theft.

The church reported in January 2008 that a statue of “Dhori Mata” (Mary) had been stolen from Dhori Mata Tirthalaya at Jarangdih in Bokaro district.

The incident was well reported by the media and the church made a lot of song and dance about it.

Within just a few days the statue was reported to have been found abandoned somewhere.

I did a careful reading of these media reports and found that the theft had been faked with the help of a police officer (Assistant Superintendent of Police A.V. Minz).

This discovery was part of a wider probe I was doing of this business of fabricating “Mata” cults (of Mary) across India that the Catholic Church has been engaged in for a long time, which I found to be another huge fraud and ethnocidal tactic aimed at conversions.

This fraud has already resulted in setting up 'Velankanni Mata' in Tamil Nadu, 'Niramalagiri Mata' and 'Gunadala Mata' in Andhra Pradesh, and other such 'Mary Mata' shrines.

My probe then had also led me to discover an effort made by Catholic 'Archbishop' of Ranchi Telesphore Toppo (an Indian 'Cardinal', also one of the electors who participated in the 2013 papal conclave that selected Pope Francis) to get the Vatican to proclaim Mary as "the spiritual mother of all humanity".

That proclamation -- in the eyes of Toppo and other Catholic fraudsters -- would allow the church to better exploit the existing culture in India of veneration for Durga and other Mata avatars in order to convert more 'Hindus' to Christianity.

This proposal is also known in Vatican jargon as the 'fifth Marian Dogma'.

The 'Roman Catholic Church' never fails to surprise me with its enormous capacity for committing fraud and other crimes; it's indeed the world's oldest criminal syndicate.

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