Monday, June 12, 2017

The Religion of Peace: Learning to Kill in the Holy Month of Ramzan!

There is an interesting post on Facebook page 'Secular Pakistan'.

It’s a colourful invitation by Jamiatur Rasheed, a Deobandi madrasa in Karachi, asking Muslims to register for a programme at its campus in the ongoing holy month of Ramzan, which includes a presentation on Ghazwa-e-Hind (final Islamic battle for India).

The notice can also be found on The Picta (online Instagram posts viewer) where it has been posted by Majlis-e-Ilmi Society which is one of the institutions of Jamiatur Rasheed-Karachi.

The Davanagari transcript of this notice is given at the bottom of this article. 

The notice calls upon Muslims to register for '
Itikaaf' -- an Islamic practice of staying in a mosque for a certain number of days and devoting oneself to ibaadat and learning -- at Jamiatur Rasheed; the registrations closed on Sunday, June 11.

The charge (including boarding and lodging) for the 'Itikaaf' at Jamiatur Rasheed, including a presentation on Ghazwa-e-Hind as well as classes on blessings and jurisprudential issues of waging Jihad, is Rs 2500.

The invitation also cites free Wi-Fi at the campus.

A person seeking registration was required to bring a surety of a ‘reliable personage’, a photo copy of his ID card, and two photographs.

Jamiatur Rasheed, which claims to provide free Islamic education to its regular students and boasts a computer lab and a swimming pool, publishes four magazines on Islam, including a children's weekly in English called 'The Truth International'.

According to the Wikipedia, "Ghazwa-e-Hind or the final battle of India is an Islamic term mentioned in some "good" Hadiths in particular predicting a final and last battle in India and as a result, a conquest of the whole Indian sub-continent by Muslim warriors."

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