Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Why do 'Hindus' respond with 'hatred' to Christian 'love' intended to destroy their culture?

Nepal, like rapidly Christianized Nagaland, is well on its way to becoming a majority Christian region in about 20 years, having been crawling with evangelists from Scandinavia, Germany, Canada and Britain, according to Gautam Sen, who taught international political economy at London School of Economics.

One can watch the video linked below (relevant part: 2.30 min - 2.57 min) to hear what Sen said in 2014 about Christianization of Nepal.


"Nepal has the fastest growing Christian population in the world," claimed a Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) report, published in May 2016 and linked below.


Another CBN report, published in November 2016, said: "Nepal is actually home to one of the fastest-growing Christian populations in the world according to Jo Anne Lyon, the General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church and founder of the Christian aid organization, World Hope International."


"Lyon said she believes there are probably many reasons for the growth of Christianity, but she said it definitely makes sense in light of the constitution calling for religious freedom."

"One reason I believe the Christian faith is burgeoning in Nepal is the Christian belief in loving your neighbor as yourself," Lyon said.

(However) "Christianity is also socially unacceptable, and Christians often are the victims of violence and oppression. For decades, followers of Christ in Nepal have battled unequal treatment and persecution."

Lyon hopes "true religious freedom" becomes a part of daily life in Nepal, "allowing people to love Christ and each other to achieve greater prosperity."

"Love" - as always - is the central factor in this noble Christian mission of total destruction of local cultures.

That is, sublime Christian "love" intended to destroy the whole cultural landscape of a country invites - very strangely - hatred from benighted, demonic "Hindus", rather than reciprocal love and active help in facilitating the destruction of their own cultures!

So, like in most parts of the world, in Nepal too, the ever "loving" Christianity faces "unequal treatment and persecution" at the hands of hateful "Hindus", according to the CBN report.

I think the West must drop a few cluster bombs on thankless "Hindus" to make them learn to properly reciprocate Christian "love" intended to wipe out their cultural landscape!

How else these bastards will be made to shun hatred and learn to love like Christians?

After all, the whole purpose of "true religious freedom" is to "allow people to love Christ".

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