Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Being 'Right' is as stupid as being 'Left'

'Educated' Indians have long acted as the stooges of Western imperialism by slavishly affecting the ideas imported from the West rather than trying to be original and true to their own experience, says Gautam Sen in an article published in January 2017 on India Facts website.


"Weaker subaltern societies of the world are apparently condemned to remain perpetually in the thrall of ideological subterfuges that serve the interests and priorities of powerful foreign societies," begins the article titled 'Reasserting Indian Autonomy against Foreign Subversion'.

"Equally, Indian Left theorists pontificating about weak and subject subalterns are themselves beholden subalterns of foreign intelligence services, knowingly or unknowingly," writes Sen.

While the influence of the Marxist ideology has loosened, "a new imported ideology has begun taking hold of an ascendant poorly educated and over confident pseudo elite in India, the so called Right," he says.

"This Indian Right, apparently unfamiliar with the etymology of the term Right and its dismal contemporary Thatcherite and Reaganite connotations has injudiciously deemed themselves the new Right that, heaven forbid, is poised to take the Indian people towards a ‘New Jerusalem’.

"The idea of a Dharmic self-identity is evidently unwholesome to the Indian intellectual consciousness, even for nationalists, and like the sought after imported consumer goods of the 1950s and beyond the preferred label apparently has to be foreign," writes Sen.

I think Gautam Sen has been honest and truthful in his understanding of 'educated' Indians' slavishness to the West.

He is spot-on in deeming the current attempts in India at erecting a Right as misguided as the fraud that calls itself the Left.

I believe the entire 'political spectrum' is nothing but a tool for the Western imperialists to size up, label and manipulate the peoples of the world.

The political spectrum should be shunned in its entirety.

Decolonial thinking is not decolonial thinking unless it is located outside Western imperial framework and is rooted in our own lived cultural experience.

As long as we work with fraudulent Western concepts, we will continue to reproduce the West amongst ourselves and subvert what is our own, what is worth valuing and preserving.

The Empire needs to be understood without regard to the fake and distracting labels like 'religious', 'secular', 'political', 'economic, etc.

All these fake labels merge into the Empire and make up the Empire.

'Religion', for example, is a purely colonial-imperial construct that must only be applied to Judeo-Christianity and Islam, and never to so called 'Hinduism', 'Buddhism', etc.

It's idiotic of people to fabricate an equivalence between so called 'Hinduism' on the one hand and dangerous imperial frauds of Judeo-Christianity and Islam on the other by placing all three under the rubric of 'religion'.

It's also important to realize that 'political' and 'economic' domains are essentially colonial-imperial domains, having been the product of 500 years of Western imperialism that is responsible for the most of state boundaries that exist on the world map.

I believe free human life has, from time immemorial, existed only in the domain we call 'community' and 'culture' of whose diversity and beauty India has been an example like no other in the entire world.

It's this cultural diversity and beauty that the ethnocidal West has been damaging through its colonial-imperial project of the last 500 years.

So it is India's local 'communities' and 'cultures' -- still displaying freedom from the corrosive effects of colonial-imperial ideologies -- that provide the base for a decolonial aspiration and hope.

They are worth preserving, and not some artificially produced 'grand narrative' or Western style 'civilizational' blueprint.

Most people don't realize that 'civilization' itself is an 'imperial' concept.

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