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Prophet of Islam ordered the apostates to be killed

Islamic State produces a glossy magazine called 'Dabiq'. One can read all the issues on the web-link below.

Read the latest issue of 'Dabiq' magazine on the following web-link.

Reading 'Dabiq' can be a very good education in what Islam really is. Indians must read it.

Read the article, 'Kill the Imams of Kufr in the West' on page 8 of the latest issue.

It explains how the Prophet of Islam treated those whom he considered to have committed Riddah (apostasy). He ordered them to be killed.

"During the life and mission of the Prophet, the issue of Riddah arose on a few occasions.

The most famous case was that of the ‘Uklī–‘Uranī apostates. Some men from the tribes of ‘Ukl and ‘Uraynah came to al-Madīnah, entered upon the Prophet and announced their Islam. They then said to him, “O Prophet of Allah! We are a people of livestock.......

(After they apostatised...)

The news reached the Prophet, so he sent trackers to find them.

After they were found, he ordered that their eyes be gouged out with iron nails, their hands and feet be cut off, and they be left atop the volcanic rock field begging for water, which they would not be given, until they died in that condition (Reported by al-Bukhārī and Muslim
from Anas Ibn Mālik)."

The following is another case of how the Prophet of Islam dealt with an apostate.

"Another case in that blessed time was that of Ibn Khatal.

When Allah’s Messenger entered Makkah during its conquest, a man came to him and informed him that Ibn Khatal was clinging to the drapery covering the Ka’bah (a gesture symbolizing his seeking amnesty from the Muslims by appealing to their reverence of the Haram).

So he said, “Kill him” [Reported by al-Bukhārī and Muslim from Anas Ibn Mālik]."

Dabiq magazine has quite a lot to say about the “Hindus” – the adherents of "this filthy, cow-worshiping religion".

(Just go into the PDF of the latest issue and press Control + F. Then type HINDU + Enter to find all references to Hindus.)

The following are two extracts of Dabiq's interview with the Amir of the Khilafah's soldiers in Bengal Shaykh Abu Ibrahim Al-Hanif.

(Islamic State refers to itself as Khilafah or Caliphate which is how Prophet established Islam. So Islam has always been a 'state'.)

The two extracts of the interview are particularly relevant to Bengal. Please send them to Mamata Banerjee if you have her email ID.

DĀBIQ: Can you explain the importance of Bengal to the Khilāfah and its jihād globally?

ABŪ IBRĀHĪM: Bengal is an important region for the Khilāfah and the global jihād due to
its strategic geographic position.

Bengal is located on the eastern side of India, whereas Wilāyat Khurāsān is located on its western side.

Thus, having a strong jihād base in Bengal will facilitate performing guerilla attacks inside India simultaneously from both sides and facilitate creating a condition of tawahhush in India along with the help of the existing local mujāhidīn there, bi idnillāh, until the soldiers of the Khilāfah are able to enter with a conventional army and completely liberate the region from the mushrikīn, after first getting rid of the “Pakistani” and “Afghani” regimes, inshā’allāh.

Also, jihād in Bengal is a stepping-stone for jihād in Burma as already mentioned.

My gloss: 'Mushrikin' refers to non-Muslims or non believers. The root of this Arabic word is 'shirk' which means mixing or inclusion – such as inclusive veneration for various gods rather than one God.

'Shirk' is synonymous with what is termed in Abrahamic theology as "syncretism" - which means living side by side with those who have beliefs or ideas different from you.

'Syncretism' is the soul of human cultures across the world. There cannot be any human culture without 'syncretism'.

And yet Judeo-Christianity and Islam completely reject and curse 'Shirk' or 'syncretism'.

The whole Abrahamic system anathematizes  'syncretism'.

Do go to the Vatican website and search the word 'syncretism' to understand how Christianity views 'syncretism.

Judeo-Christianity and Islam thus pose themselves as enemies of all cultures across the world.

Abrahamic system, in my opinion, is the most lethal ethnocidal force in the world.

Etymologically, 'ethnocide' is ethno (culture) + cide (kill) – i.e. killing of culture.

DABIQ: What is the role of India and the Hindus in the war against Islam and the Khilāfah in general, and in Bengal in particular?

ABŪ IBRĀHĪM: The Hindus of both Bengal and India have always been waging war against Islam and the Muslims.

The only difference is that the Hindus in India show their animosity towards Islam and the Muslims openly whereas the Hindus in Bengal do it in a more deceptive and covert manner due to them being a minority sect here.

The Hindus in Bengal are very active in creating anti-Islamic propaganda in both mass media and social media, and in spreading fāhishah among the Muslims of Bengal.

In fact, a large number of the anti-Islamic propagandists in Bengal actually adhered to this filthy, cow-worshiping religion initially before becoming full-fledged atheists and denying “religion” entirely.

Also, many of the high-ranking positions within the forces of the tāghūt in the police and intelligence in Bengal are now occupied by the Hindus, as the murtadd, secular Hasina government sees these filthy pagans as die-hard party loyalists.

Furthermore, the Hindus in Bengal are well-known for supporting Indian intelligence (RAW) against the Muslims in Bengal since the days of the so-called “Bangladesh Liberation War” in “1971.”

Thus, we believe Sharī’ah in Bengal won’t be achieved until the local Hindus are targeted in mass numbers and until a state of polarization is created in the region, dividing between the believers and the disbelievers, bi idhnillāh. And Allah knows best.

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