Monday, December 21, 2015

Congress, BJP Bhai Bhai!

BJP did a Congress today!.

Just a few days ago we saw the slimy invertebrates of Congress milling around, showing their drooling sycophancy to the two inveterate criminals called Sonia jee and Rahul jee who were appearing at Patiala House courts to answer charges of stealing Rs 2000 crore worth of property of Associated Journals Ltd.

Today we saw the same situation with Congress' creepy-crawlies replaced by BJP's swines, supporting another criminal called Arun Jaitley jee, who presided over a thoroughly corrupt Delhi cricket association for 13 long years.

Jaitley actually represents the heart of neo-liberalist, technocratic, elitist, plutocratic, globally networked corruption that has taken over not just India but the whole world.

Jaitley represents the heart of the Empire of Evil that is taking over whatever remains outside its realm.

What's the difference between Congress and BJP?

Tweedledee and Tweedledum?

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Apurva Singh said...

I think no one can raise a finger to modi. Q is, why did he appoint jaitley

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