Friday, April 3, 2015

The 'political spectrum' is a tool of imperialism in the hands of the West

I regard the whole concept of a 'political spectrum' - book-ended as it is by the 'Left' and the 'Right' - as an open fraud on the peoples of the world. 'Political spectrum' subserves the needs of the Empire that the West is - the need to track, label/mislabel and manage the minds and thinking of people and societies across the world.

On the one hand the Western knowledge system progressively validates the use of its 'political spectrum' across the world, and on the other the Western institutions use it to perversely mislabel and straitjacket the great diversity of thinking found in human societies across the world into narrow and arbitrarily defined categories like 'Left', 'Right', 'Centre', 'progressive', 'conservative', etc.

So 'political spectrum' is a tool -- (a sort of branding iron that is heated and used to brand livestock and was once also used on the bodies of criminals and slaves) -- in the hands of the West to sustain and expand its interventionist and imperialist role in the world.

The West has had the effrontery to wield this tool while presenting itself to the world as made up of 'liberal' States. Could there be anything more illiberal than a system of branding people? How can the world acquiesce in this open fraud?

How can any self-respecting person allow themselves, without resistance, to be labeled and framed within a system of imperial and abusive categories thought up by the agents and apologists of the West?  

The 'political spectrum' has been reproducing across the world the increasingly idiotic and sclerotic political theatre of the West. All countries seem to be moving inexorably towards a suffocating sameness characterized and brought about by the Western categories of Left, Right, Centre, etc.

Out of the three categories of 'social', 'political', and 'economic' into which most 'educated' people have come to divide human life, only the first one is the real category. The latter two - i.e. 'political' and 'economic' - are fakes or impostors.

And it's these two fake categories that the whole 'political spectrum' represents.

What do 'political and 'economic' mean?
If one reflects on this question, one would be hard pressed to reach any definitive senses for the two words – unless, of course, one invokes a ‘society’ (or the ‘social’).

As concepts, the 'political' and the 'economic' have quite obviously been abstracted from ‘social’ or social relations.

All human relationships and transactions are 'social relations', including those that are mislabelled as 'political' and 'economic'.

So 'political' and 'economic' are at best embedded in 'social' relations. They have no independent existence; they exist only in the minds of the 'educated' people as abstractions.

Calling some aspects of ‘social' relations 'political' or 'economic' is a purely mental and arbitrary process.

So while ‘society’ and ‘social’ is a real category – with real existence of individuals and their inter-relationships – ‘economic’ and ‘political’ are only arbitrary and indeterminable abstractions from the wholeness that ‘society’ (or 'community') represents.

This un-abstracted state or 'wholeness' of human life is also denoted by the term 'culture'.

It's this wholeness - denoted by 'community'/'society'/'culture' - that decolonizing of the world leads to. This wholeness must supplant the fake categories - mere abstractions - of 'political' and 'economic' that the West currently uses as a weapon to undermine and destroy societies and cultures.

The fact that 'political' and 'economic' are fake categories - employed as they have been to control and subjugate the 'social' - has tremendous implications for the entire Western knowledge system.
All of the West's 'political’ and 'economic’ theories and 'isms' - which it imposes on the entire world - can be called into question.

Currently, for instance, the empirical basis of the 'neo-classical economics' in particular and the 'economics' discipline in general lies in shambles.

The whole idea of 'economics' (i.e. any 'economic' theory) - treated by the Western institutions as an 'empirically' determined discipline and imposed as an orthodoxy on the rest of the world - is quite a fraud actually.
(The 'real world economics movement' elaborates this point a great deal, but one must go beyond that.)

All Western political theories, such as democracy, liberalism, socialism, have been cleverly abstracted out of the wholeness that 'community'/'society'/'culture' represents and yet are used as tools to progressively undermine community'/'society'/'culture', particularly in the non-West.

Think of it: what the West calls 'democracy' is nothing but a theoretical abstraction of any autonomous human community in the real world.

'Autonomy' has always been the active principle of all human 'communities'/'cultures' across the world. A 'community' is not a 'community' unless it is autonomous. It's this 'autonomy', or cultural freedom, that the Islamic and Western imperialism have been undermining over the centuries - (primarily the West in the last 500 years).

'Autonomy' also has to be the most fundamental principle of anything that can be called a 'democratic' theory. And yet 'democratic' theory has been used by the West to destroy the autonomy of societies in the non-West.

I'd go even further to suggest that the whole instrumentality of 'State' - about 200 of which currently claim the entire Earth - is a Western imposition and represents the imperial realm of 'political' and 'economic' progressively undermining the 'social'.

So the very presence of Western-determined-or-dictated 'States' makes for progressive undermining of all communities/societies/cultures across the world.

In fact, the West has been called an essentially 'ethnocidal' empire by the likes of French anthropologists Robert Jaulin and Pierre Clastres.

I believe that 'community'/'society'/'culture' has been undermined across the world, particularly over the 500 years of Western colonialism, imperialism and ethnocide. And I believe that despite being seriously mauled Indic cultures are today probably the only prominent representatives in the world of this un-abstracted 'wholeness' of human life.

Like 'political' and 'economic', 'religion' is another fraudulent category threatening the 'wholeness' of human life under which I only place the three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Or two if you conflate the first two into 'Judeo-Christianity').

'Religion' is essentially a (mis)labelling system that is used as an ethnocidal weapon.


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