Sunday, April 5, 2015

Labeling people as 'Christians', thus pushing them into strife and violence

"Pope tells Catholics at Easter vigil: Seek truth, beauty and love," says the headline of a report filed by news-agency Reuters and published on Sunday 05 April 2015.

"Pope Francis led the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics into Easter on Saturday night, urging them at a vigil Mass to shun indifference and boldly live their faith...

He administered the sacrament to a 13-year-old Cambodian girl and nine adults, including a 66-year-old woman from Kenya, the country where al Shabaab Islamist militants killed 148 people at a university, apparently singling out Christians to kill while letting some Muslims escape."

One can read the full report on the link below.

So the Pope tells the so labelled "Roman Catholics" -- "Roman Catholics", not human beings -- to "shun indifference and boldly live their faith".

He also does more of his boldly-living-his-faith labeling as "Christians" and "Roman Catholics" - on Cambodians and former "Muslims" - even as "Muslims" and "Christians" (not human beings) continue to kill each other in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lybia, Syria, Yemen, Kenya, Egypt, Europe...

Got it?

*Label people as "Christians" - often by making them believe that their previous labels, if any, get erased. It's called "baptism".

*Tell them to "shun indifference and boldly live their faith".

*Turn them thus into cannon fodder for the hatred, strife, violence and bloody war arising out of such labeling as "Christians" and "Muslims".

*The labelled are then exhorted to "enter into the mystery" in search of "truth, beauty and love" .

The 2.5 billion "Christians, including 1.2 billion "Roman Catholics", are, of course, forever in search of "truth, beauty and love" - in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere.

Which is why the world is swimming in "truth, beauty and love".

While the Vatican continues with its crimes with fancy dresses, sound-and-light, and a load of Latinized bullshit.

And the larger labeling system of the so called 'Abrahamic religions' continues to savage the world.

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