Thursday, March 26, 2015

Left, Right, Centre: the entire political spectrum is a fraud; Indians must shun it

I view as clearly ill founded the ongoing attempts in India - of which Swarajya magazine ( seems to be one - to develop a 'right' or 'right of the centre' position on the Western template.

That is not only because I believe the whole of Western 'political' spectrum is an imperial and hegemonic way of tracking and labeling people/societies and their thinking within a narrow system that is increasingly a failure, but also because this ideological dashboard in its entirety is so clearly inapplicable and even harmful to non-Western societies.

It's pathetic to see Indian intellectuals, such as Rupa Subramanya, thinking themselves very important for their painstaking mugging and showing off of the concepts and terminology of Western 'political' spectrum and analysis, particularly in their assuming of what they see as the Indian 'right' or 'right of the centre' positions.

I suspect they believe, erroneously, that Western political spectrum not only gives them an unbeatable basis for analyzing the 'political' theatre in India, but also a way of developing their own ideological positions.

In an article linked below, for instance, Rupa Subramanya views, in a copycat American analysis, what she terms as Aam Aadmi Party's "radical leftism" as threatening "markets and free enterprise".

('Why Radical Left AAP should worry us'
The consequences of handing the Aam Aadmi Party a majority are likely to be nothing short of disastrous.
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By Rupa Subramanya, Swarajya magazine, 01 Feb 2015)

Calling the bandwagon of shallow opportunists that AAP is "radical leftist" is as stupid and farcical as some JNU academics, such as Zoya Akhtar, hypocritically portraying Congress and AAP as "progressive" forces pitted against the "Right Wingism" of BJP.

These copycat attempts to develop an Indian 'right' have been blind to the obvious fact that there is hardly any difference between the doings of Congress and BJP; both parties seem to have a secret 'common maximum programme' of outdoing each other in pursuing capitalist-and-American-business-friendly policies whenever and wherever they get to hold office.

So the nascent 'right' seems to have been doing little more than reproducing in India - along with their rivals, the pompous fools who see themselves as making up the 'left' - the tired and stupid Western 'political' theatre, even though I concede that some of the commentary by the 'right' on culture, 'religion', 'secularism', etc., has a lot of accuracy and truth.

We Indians should try to transcend not just the Western ideological dashboard, but the entire categories of 'political' and 'economic' - which, in my view, are fake Western categories in being mere abstractions from the real category of 'society'/'community'/'culture'.

These two fake categories of 'political' and 'economic' provide the West with the matrix to develop, legitimize and impose on the rest of the world its dubious and pernicious theories and 'isms', such as socialism, (neo)liberalism, human rights, and feminism.

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