Tuesday, March 4, 2014

World’s most abusive and fraudulent labeling systems

Although there is much weight in my argument (that ‘religion’ is a false category imposed on the diverse cultural and philosophical systems of the world), am I not unduly “labeling the followers of all Judeo-Christian faiths, who between them cover the majority of the human species, as being misled by an invention”?

Another question posed by the senior bureaucrat cited in my previous post.

The following was my rejoinder to him.

It's not I who is doing the "labeling" of “the followers of all Judeo-Christian faiths” - it's the imperialists belonging to Judeo-Christianity and Islam who run a world-wide racket of false labeling of people, dividing the humanity into 'us' and 'them'.

For instance, Pew Research Center - located in the Western Christendom (aka The Empire) – runs the worldwide system of labeling of people  according to 'religions', somehow conjuring up the 'exact' number of 'Christians', 'Muslims', 'Hindus', Buddhists, 'Sikhs', etc.?  (What a gargantuan fraud!)

It's 'religionists' (i.e. promoters of Judaism, Christianity and Islam) who are responsible for running an abusive indoctrination system that alienates people – including the captive children and youth – from their culture and history.

(Look at how Pakistani citizens have long been beating their chests on complete distortion of their history by Islamists, such as late military dictator Zia-ul-Haq.)

And by 'imperialists belonging to Judeo-Christianity and Islam', I only mean those few who are at the helm of these abusive systems, not the billions of ordinary people across the world who are the victims of religious surveillance-indoctrination-conversion systems.

Those billions are certainly not the “followers” in my view; they are the unfortunate ‘followed’.

Let the systems of deception, coercion and indoctrination run by Judeo-Christianity and Islam (with billions of dollars and petro-dollars) be dismantled, and then we’ll have the true test of their public support.

Let the special privileges and state privilege of the multi-billion dollar Roman Catholic Church, for example, be ended and then we'll see what will remain of their putative billion-strong flock.

Let the Saudi fraudsters – the foremost custodians and promoters of Islam – be prevented from spending their petrodollars on spreading Wahabi-ism (widely regarded as the most virulent variety of Islam), with the connivance, and often the support, of their American masters.

Let the 'Islamic' countries put an end to the abuse of their own people by totalitarian claims made by 'Islam' and cease to pretend that the 'Muslims' are one Ummah of the faithful as against the rest of the world.

Let the promoters of Islam acknowledge and reconcile themselves to the de facto position of the so called 'Muslims' – of their being divided into a great variety of ethnic groups and States spread across the globe – and refrain from using Islam as an ideological weapon that must supplant the ethnic values and State influences.

And then we'll see what remains of the putative millions who are branded as 'Muslims'.

In other words, let the colonial-imperial influence be taken away from Judeo-Christianity and Islam to create a level playing field vis-à-vis other 'cultures' - and then we'll see how these 'religions' compete with the cultural and philosophical systems of the world.

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