Sunday, November 4, 2012

In honour of Shekhar Gupta, the ‘profound intellectual’ of our times

With commiserations to India’s PR industry…

If you have never learnt any economics
Of growing GDP, with herbs and tonics
And wonder why ‘reforms’ by Congress party,
Such as FDI in retailing, in amounts so hearty,
Should upset ‘mango men’ of ‘banana republic’
But not the Vadras, their Hoodas and goondas
Not even socialist Manis and Jairams so green,
Nor capitalists of Mumbai and their PR machine
Then you take a lesson in the dismal subject,
From an editor hell-bent on ‘National Interest’
He is clearly an intellectual so very profound
Balding pate, specs, throwing hands around
Scribbles he his columns with vim and style
On the subject of ‘reforms’ worth their while,
Of which he is so confident as to be masterly,
A la Adam Smith that he sees himself to be,
You could measure the depth of his intellect, 
From his belief that FDI is Right, all else Left
Scorn he pours on activists and the communist
Whom he deems outmoded, himself modernist,
“Aspirational” is the term he drops quite often,
As though fancy words are equal to erudition
For Congress’ well being, he has passion unbound,
Putting PR agents to shame, journalism unwound,
‘Your achievements,’ says the Guru to the party
Are years of ‘free markets’ and ‘brilliant growth’
Damn! If you cannot even have them flaunted,
Though I am doing my bit to have them planted
In ‘National Interest’, in pages of Indian Express,
Which courts, not the public, but Big Business
That’s his idea of journalism − of courage undone
Not for nothing is he Congress’ Padma Bhushan
Headed to Rajya Sabha, for all you know
Like the DDA flat he left for a bungalow
Now if you are a reporter under his thumb
Tell your ‘editor’ not to be so very dumb
As to play the PR game behind journalism
Better to suck, full time, the corporate bum,
Leave alone expounding of economics too,
It’s not the job of so fine a poodle like you.

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