Friday, July 1, 2011

An Ode to Kapil Sibal

By a constituent who deeply regrets having voted for Sibal in the last Lok Sabha election because the wily lawyer-turned-politician has consistently displayed behaviour that represents not only a threat to constitutional bodies like CAG, but also to any effort to aid the process of deepening of democracy.

Having won many a lawsuit
That had little do with grass root,
Drawing great wealth and fame
From worthies beyond blame,
He eased himself into politics,
To continue to earn goldbricks,
Using chicanery to greater effect
In his lifelong project,
To serve the elite with aplomb,
And scammers of the telecom,
Seeing scarcely any fraud,
Committed in daylight broad,
Attacking instead the Auditor,
Like a debtor browbeating the creditor,
Trampling what is Constitutional,
Pettifogging to the last decimal,
He looks and sounds very wise,
Like a wolf in sheep’s guise,
Crying where there is no need,
But to hide corruption and greed,
He was deemed the right person
To deal with Ramdev’s anshan,
And to ensnare the mighty Baba,
In a five-star hotel, not a dhaba
Ensnare he did with crafty brilliance,
A sly deal and then a press conference,
He displayed, thus, the right qualification,
To thwart the Jan Lokpal legislation,
Undermining the work of civil society,
Feigning concern for Constitutional propriety
Inventing reasons for keeping the PM out,
Judiciary and the lower bureaucracy out,
He misleads the public with great élan
Manipulating the media according to plan
Pretending to be a reformer of public policy,
Despising the people, serving aristocracy
Now you know why lawyers are required,
To keep the elite happy, democracy bemired
Don’t you go by their logic and eloquence,
It’s only to fool you and continue the pretense.

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